Sunday 19th June: British vets 5km championship

Sunday 19th June: British vets 5km championship

Report from Mark Hall:

A trip west to this well established event. It is 3 laps of a hilly circuit, no PBs available! I made a big mistake by not looking at the race details thinking it was 2 laps when it was 3! I went off at a pace suitable for 2 laps and paid the price on lap 3 getting passed in the final 200 metres. I distanced all of the favourites but missed the unknown winner. I finished 2nd.

Winner: James Gallacher, Kirkintilloch (Scotland) 17.06
Mark Hall: 17.12

3 thoughts on “Sunday 19th June: British vets 5km championship

  1. Still a remarkable performance after all , considering 3 laps on a undulating circuit 17:12 it is a lovely result . Congratulations to Mark get the podium with a brilliant silver medal at the British 5k .

  2. You went one better than last year and silver at the British champs is still phenomenal, as is the time, especially on that route.

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