Saturday 25th June – Eldwick Gala Fell Race

Saturday 25th June – Eldwick Gala Fell Race

Report from Tom Pomfrett: Only one word is needed to describe the race at Eldwick Gala on Saturday – wet! I arrived 10 minutes before the start, just as the heavens opened, and fought against the stampede of people dressed for summer attempting to leave the Gala grounds in search of shelter.

After a quick chinwag with Antonio we lined up and started the mad dash downhill along what was quickly becoming half road, half stream. The first casualties began to fall as bodies hit the deck around me on the greasy surface, this was going to be fun!
The course is a straight out and back and I saw Jeremy and Antonio making good progress as I doubled back from the trig point and started the descent. I picked up a few places on the descent and was soon pulling up the final hill back to the finish.
This was a really fun race and I’d highly recommend it to anyone wanting to try their first fell race. The course is all runnable, there’s no navigation required and it’s nice and short.
The winner was Graham Askew of Bingley in 19:40, first lady was Sarah Pickering of Ilkley in 22:54.
For Otley:
6th Tom Pomfrett – 20:41
21st Jeremy Stewart – 23:05
70th Antonio Cardinale – 40:14

2 thoughts on “Saturday 25th June – Eldwick Gala Fell Race

  1. Great result Tom and nice to see Jez back out, sounds like a good little race despite the weather.

  2. A powerful performance by Tom P. in this Eldwick fell race , his time 20:41 is lovely and the 6th is a great result indeed . Also Jeremy S. ran strongly in 23:05 not bad at all considering as well the torrential rain that started 10 minutes before the start , it was really bad ,with no place to cover before the start , it was like to stay under a very very cold shower. Jeremy was very gentleman cavalier helping out a fallen runner just after the start , he stopped running and helped him to get up , a great gesture for a runner to do .

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