Sunday June 26th – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Sunday June 26th – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

Report by Andrew Robertshaw:

Start of Leg 3, Hannah and Sara

The Otley Dream Team enjoyed the day running on the paths of the Millennium Way around the edge of Bradford finishing in 23rd exactly half way up the field of 46 teams, well done to everyone.

Leg 1: 10.4 miles/1789ft – Bingley to Penistone Hill Country Park, Haworth.  A tough leg to opening leg with pretty much 7 miles up hill from the start and a couple of shorter steep climbs towards the end.  Laura Martin and Tamara Weatherhead ran well to finish 32nd in 1:50:06.

Leg 2: 9.4 miles/1287ft  Penistone Hill Country Park to Laycock.  Another toughie crossing the Worth valley and finishing with a long climb up from Goose Eye.  Sara Elliott and Hugh Pearson battled it out to bring Otley home in 27th with a leg time of 1:32:41.

Leg 3: 8 miles/811ft – Laycock to Silsden.  In theory the easiest leg of the day, but with another uphill finish to the top end of Silsden not that easy.  Hannah Lupton and Sara Richard enjoyed their run out finishing in 33rd with a leg time of 1:29:03.

Start of leg 4 Caron and Andrew W.
Gentle hill for Caron and Andrew

Leg 4: 8.5 miles/1269ft, Silsden to Ilkley via Addingham.  This leg is pretty much two climbs and two long descents.  The first climb, soon after the start is followed by a fast couple of miles down to the top end of Addingham, from there it’s a long climb up through the fields to Ilkley moor.  The last couple of miles is another gentle fast descent to the change over at Ilkley.

Andy Webster and Caron Ralph had a great run with a leg time of 1:35:44 finishing in 32nd.

Leg 5: 10.7 miles/1100ft, Ilkley to Bradford and Bingley Sport club.  Although the longest, with a net downhill of about 400ft more than makes up for the little bit of extra distance.  As with the previous couple of legs myself and Rogan Ashton set off in the mass start, with about 30 or so other teams.  After a steady start up to White Wells we gradually caught up a North Leeds Fell Runner team on the drag up from Burley Woodhead, running with them until we got to Weecher reservoir.  From that point on we didn’t see another team until the final 400m,  so Rogan’s reccie proved vital on a couple of points particular in Hirst Wood where there were several path options.  Rogan gave it his all to give us a time of 1:20:39, (although Rogan had at just under 1:20 which sounds much quicker 🙂 ), & 6th best on the leg and 23rd team at the finish.

Category winners & Otley:

Pos Team Name Category Leg Time
1 Wharfedale H. Mens A Open 05:33:26
2 Keighley & Craven A Vets 06:06:27
10 Accrington Mixed A Mixed 06:55:01
13 Bingley Ladies A Ladies 07:14:33
23 The Otley Dream Team Open 07:48:03

 Leg times:

Pos. on Leg (End of Leg) Runners Total Time Leg Time Fastest 

on Leg

Runners Time
Leg 1 32 Laura Martin, Tamara Weatherhead 01:50:06 Wharfedale H. Christian Holmes, Lee Athersmith 01:18:28
Leg 2 26 (27) Hugh Pearson, Sara Elliott 03:22:47  01:32:41 Wharfedale H. Sam Watson, Harry Holmes 01:03:24
Leg 3 38 (33) Hannah Lupton, Sara Richard 04:51:50 01:29:03 Wharfedale H. David Kirkham, Paul Crabtree 00:53:18
Leg 4 28 (32) Andy Webster, Caron Ralph 06:27:34 01:35:44 Wharfedale H. Jonny Bradshaw, James Hall 01:04:19
Leg 5 6 (23) Andrew Robertshaw, Rogan Ashton 07:48:03 01:20:29 Keighley & Craven A Will Smith, Adrian Thomas 01:13:36

8 thoughts on “Sunday June 26th – Bradford Millennium Way Relay

  1. Yes thanks andrew! Well chuffed with all our legs and managed to maintain position give or take. Maybe next year 2 teams….

  2. Well done everyone, some great times out there and it’d be fab to get 2 teams out next year.
    Thanks Hugh for dragging me round, totally out of my comfort zone, and for not laughing too much when I fell.
    Anyone know of any flat 5 milers coming up, please give me a shout…

  3. Brilliant run everyone else, Rogan and Andrew especially!! Sorry, i completely died on the final uphill stretch 🙁

  4. I agree with all the good comments about the solid performances achieved by everyone especially by Rogan A. and as well by the super Andrew R. in great shape . Also Caron is running strongly , big effort by Sara E. merit to her and Hannah L. did a superb ran on leg 3 . Well done everybody .

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