Tuesday 5th July – Danefield Relay

Tuesday 5th July – Danefield Relay

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

A good turn out from Otley AC, at this local event.  The tree felling over the winter lead to a few alterations to the traditional route, leaving a very similar distance, but a bit more of a climb up from Leeds Rd towards the end.  On the last leg Liam Dunne easily recorded the quickest time of the day for Otley for a 6th place finish.

Performances of the day I think went to Tom Lynch battling it out with me all the way round and Vikki Butler in the ‘Best’ team.  Full results can be found on the Horsforth Fellandale website here.  Lots of photos courtesy of Scott Leach here.

Team position Team Name Team total time Split Time
1 Pudsey & Bramley A 00:55:46
Matt Lockyer 18:57
Neal Crampton 19:09
Joe Baxter (fastest) 17:40
6 Otley AC 01:00:41
Andrew Robertshaw 20:25
Graham Lake 20:43
Liam Dunne 19:33
19 Otley AC Terriers 01:04:39
Tom Lynch 20:30
Steve Robinson 22:49
Tom Pomfrett 21:20
48 Horsforth Fellandale 01:14:22
Chris Small 24:47
Rogan Ashton 21:05
Ellie Birch 28:30
57 Otley Olympians 01:15:34
James Rawstron 25:09
Michael Hastings 24:42
Andy Webster 25:43
78 Otley Best 01:21:22
Colin Best 29:07
Kirsty Pomfrett 26:26
Vikki Butler 25:49
88 Otley Gruffalos 01:24:38
Caron Ralph 27:14
Serena Blackburn 28:03
Liz Fawcett 29:21
148 Three Old Plebs 01:12:02
Dominic Egan 27:05
Steve Darby 24:49
Will Kerr 20:08

4 thoughts on “Tuesday 5th July – Danefield Relay

  1. I agree with Andrew about Tom L, I ran L2 after him and was messing about in transition not paying much attention when I saw Hon. handicapper coming up the hill to the finish, thought I would have at least a minute or more after Andrew to get myself ready. Then saw the shock of hair and had to scramble to the handover point. Only downside was giving up 3 or 4 places to fast runners on my leg as I was so far up the field…….

  2. I used to love to run this relay and it used to be a popular one with the club , then for some reason around 2008 at the club were not interested in this relay anymore , one year I went to Danefield to enter a team , but I could not see one single Otley runner there to form a team , then after the start I went home disappointed. Great running by the Otley ac , the 6th place is a lovely result , Andrew R. had a solid ran in 20:25 ,Graham L. was really good on the night in 20:43 , and Liam D. was just fantastic in 19:33 that is a powerful ran . Well done to everybody .

  3. Enjoyed this, if only I was 6 months older we’d have been first old gits. Same again next year.
    Tom Lynch is getting pretty quick!

  4. Always a great relay-and local too! Great support all round and due to his age, Tom Lynch isn’t in the running for Andrew’s OWH (Old Work Horse) title, maybe CWH? I’ll leave u all guessing….

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