Sunday 10th July: Leeds 10K

Sunday 10th July: Leeds 10K

Report from Howard:

Today, together with 6,733 other participants, I ran the Asda 10K in Leeds. A nicely organised event in terms of start logistics, estimated finish time segregation/starts, toilets where they were needed and finish set up. The roads were closed within the route but I was able to park for free within a four minute walk from the start. It was deceptively warm and muggy as I oriented myself for the finish and I was glad I had opted for my summer vest. At the start the compere was brilliant I thought, veritably ‘voice-over man’ himself and he animated the twenty minutes before the start, along with the obligatory ‘warm up’ sequence. I had felt quite fatigued during the week’s training after last week’s efforts but at the start I thought I detected a bit of a spring in my step. I have done a couple of 20 minute 5K’s recently so was hopeful of approaching 40.00 minutes as there was no swim or bike leg to sap my strength today. I stationed myself optimistically behind the 40 pacer. The start was not as slow and congested as I had anticipated but allowed for a steady build-up of pace. The pacer’s flag did disappear into the distance quite quickly and the spring in my step quickly vanished too. There were one or two pinch points going round the station in the city centre but then the route opened up towards Kirkstall Abbey. My predicted time was between 40 and 44 minutes and I settled into a steady pace that would lead me to within that band. The conditions were very muggy and it all felt like hard work but the crowds were out in strength and very vocal at the finish which was great. Leeds is becoming a sporting Mecca (Is it too much to hope for a Football team revival?). The race was won by Jamil Parapia, sporting his Leeds City colours, in 31.51, first lady was Hannah Oldroyd of Saltaire Striders in 36.52. Otley finishers were, Zack Whitehead 13th in 34.56, Cadan Hoare in246th place in 41.32, Marcus Adams in 254th place in 42.12, I came in 364th position ( 2nd O/60 by 6 seconds out of 115) in 43.50, Nicola Lee 544th in 45,36, Peter Gosling 1270th in 50.40, Eriks Zvaigzne was 1467th in 50.51, Melvin Hoare was 1492nd in 50.33, Reid Haddow was 1709th in 54.52 and Sean O’Halloran was 3878th in 1.07.46. All times are chip times which explains why the finish order is slightly awry as these are gun positions.

Is it me or was it quite hard work today?

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  1. It’s not just you – I started out feeling really up for it but by 6K I was going backwards. Was just happy to finish by the end! Nice atmosphere though and a really supportive crowd.

    well run every body,finished 16th over 60 out of 115 over 60 runners in a time of 54.52, pleased as i am 71 next!

  3. Some very Fine results here, well done everybody. Jamil, Zack and Caden stand out – but Reid did fantastically well.

  4. Well done all, & I think a few more races need a 70’s category, wasn’t that long ago when Eric Smith was the exception, not anymore, which is good to see, hope to be there one day 🙂

  5. Andrew, you are right. I think if a run advertises age categories they should at least have 5 year bands right up to 80+ (some even 85) these days (they manage in Triathlons). 10 years (and +) is not an age group split. I did one race that will remain nameless that had said age group categories and had 50+. More than a quarter of the field was male 50+! I don’t mind if they haven’t but I don’t want them to pretend they have. It is an achievement to finish a race and the older you get the harder it is and so what if you are the only one in the category. A voucher through the post is always nice and at £30 for a 10K not unaffordable. Might even encourage more people to keep going to races. When I retire and have more time (??) I might just do some lobbying

  6. Totally agree with andrew and howard re the age categories and what an awesome run by reid (and jamil!). Also to call out that Nicola L got a PB which is awesome on a tough day. You want to try being an older lady howard – one race that shall remain nameless – not only had no age splits for women but decided that ‘as there was now evidence that women could perform like men in the longer races’ didnt need a womens prize either!!! (needless to say that was the year we won the womens race! – they went back on their decision after lots of protest!)

  7. Sarah, how much evidence do they need at the ‘Cave-Man Manathon (sic)’?
    Am I wrong to be intrigued by your suggestion but I would have to shave off my moustache so it’s not going to happen!
    I always thought that the perceived effort of most people running in races was within similar boundaries it’s just that some were faster than others. Since they have the percentage performance figures in the parkrun results there is now a whole new way of looking at the finish order which I also find interesting.

  8. Me too on Sunday (43.32, 353rd). Must have registered for the race ages ago before I joined the club earlier this year so it didn’t pick up ‘Otley AC’ on the results.
    (Power of 10 has been duly messaged and updated!)
    My first time at experiencing the monotony that is running up and down Kirkstall Road – only the technical run around the back of the Shell garage on the way out and the shower on the way back broke it up and kept me awake. Definitely appreciate where we get to run in the scenery around home if nothing else, and it was still a 10k under the belt.
    Managed to finish ahead of one of my heroes, Kevin Sinfield of Leeds Rhinos, by about a minute (although he still has the edge over me in sporting achievements) – by the time I was slogging up the Headrow though, I would have been lucky to outsprint Ronnie the Rhino, never mind Sir Kev…..

  9. Great effort everyone – it was indeed hard work. Cadan also had a PB I believe of just over a minute – so well done to him!

  10. I liked your report from Leeds Howard , if it is muggy on the day it makes all the difference , your 43:50 it could have been a 40:50 in a normal day , so it is still a good result considering the weather condition . It is good to see Reid running so well in 54:52 ..I wish.. Nicola L . had a solid ran with a PB. in 45:36 Congratulations to her . Well done everyone also to Jamil for winning the race for Leeds City.

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