Sunday 17th July – Burton Leonard 10k

Sunday 17th July – Burton Leonard 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey: A lovely day was forecast for Sunday and I was geared up for the Burton Leonard 10K which is a pleasant village in the Yorkshire Dales, near Ripon. I have done this race many times although last time in 2012 and it did use to be popular with Otleyensians in the days of the Black Sheep race series (remember that?). It turned out I was the only black and white on the day but it seemed everyone from Nidd Valley was there and a good turn out from Harrogate and Ripon, them being ‘local’ and all. I had put in a full week of training for the first time in quite a while and had felt good in the week. Target really was to try and better the last outings time of 47.35. The course is not fast and it turned out to be very hot in the sun although the breeze kept the absolute temperature tolerable. The start and finish have moved from the village green to the school to keep us off the road which meant a couple of tight bends out of the school and a sharp steep grassy bank to turn up all in the first 250m and in reverse to the finish. At the top of the bank it’s a tarmac descent to a river crossing which you can either ford or queue for the footbridge. I opted to take a quick breather and keep my feet dry so waited for a few seconds to cross the bridge. I had TIM Broomfield from Harrogate to judge my pace by as we have been neck and neck in the  most recent races together. Tim had been in front up the hill and I had not yet caught him. On the other side of the river a concrete track goes uphill to another road which leads to a sharp rutted descent through the shaded woods and you have to watch your step. After bounding down that the route crosses a field of long grass with a welcome water station at the near halfway mark. Maybe half a mile of grass then back onto tarmac for another mile then an undulating single track through fields back to the road towards the five mile mark. It feels quite warm and I am surprised I have not caught Tim who I think I can see about a minute ahead in the red, black and yellow of Harrogate. Back down toward the river crossing and everyone fairly spread out now so opted to remain dry and took the bridge again. Steep uphill back along the road to the 400m mark and able to find another gear to catch up and overtake third lady towards the finish. My time 45.32 in 58th place out of 248 finishers in the race won by Andrew Grant of Harrogate Harriers in 34.50, first lady Lorraine Mitchell, also of Harrogate in 41.24. Where was Tim? 4.5 minutes behind, I should have gone to Specsavers!


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  1. That was indeed one of the best report so far that you sent out from racing , the details are like step by step I could go tomorrow and I could ran the course using your report . It is peculiar why some races were very popular with our club in the past like the 10k , for some reason are no more , I did several in the past myself and it is indeed a nice place to run . You made me chuckle that you lost your rival Tim and your performance in 45.32 on such undulating route is a strong one . Well done to Howard J.

  2. I once attempted this race, but left my trainers at home and didn’t fancy a race in flip flops! Always said I’d have another go but it wasn’t on my radar at all this year. I understand that there were some juniors there, Jenson was 3rd and Aston 14th. Not sure if or who else was there.

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