Wednesday 13th July – Golden Acre Relay

Wednesday 13th July – Golden Acre Relay

Report from Tom Lynch: 4 teams were in action for Otley at the Golden Acre Relays, with good running weather, sunny but not too warm. The race was won by the team ‘Bramhope Deers’ with two of the legs run by Adam Peers, with the fastest leg in 14:21 (the other in 14:46), the middle leg was run by Nick Hooker in 15:03.


Full results found at and Otley’s results with some extra info:


Team Pos. end of Leg Overall Leg Rank Runner Leg Time Total Time
Otley Lions 32 93 Gary Johnson 17:41
Mens 20 57 Tom Pomfrett 16:54 34:35
16 42 Tom Lynch 16:35 51:10
Otley Tigers 55 164 Christian Hosker 19:14
Mens 60 217 Dominic Egan 20:49 40:03
58 174 Andy Webster 19:36 59:39
Otley Mixtures 95 279 Jackie Ackroyd 22:31
 Mixed 105 347 Maddie Delucchi 26:00 48:31
105 297 Colin Best 23:17 1:11:48
Otley Babes 104 316 Joanna Hobson 24:17
Mixed 106 343 Louise Penney 25:33 49:50
110 276 Billy Rayner 22:28 1:12:18


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 13th July – Golden Acre Relay

  1. For some reason I have never done this relay , although I ran the cross country on the same course . Strong ran by all the club members in this Golden Acre Relay especially Joanna H. ran a super race in 24.12 ,also Louise P . did well in 25.33 , not bad Billy R. in a good 22.28 and the senior Colin B. ran in a lovely 23.17. Well done to everybody .

  2. Well done to all that entered, I always find this a tough relay. Special mention for Louise as she was talked into this at the last minute and I believe it’s her first team event.

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