Tuesday the sweltering of July (19th)

Tuesday the sweltering of July (19th)

Report from Scott Harrington

A rare glimpse of the lesser spotted Off-roader Harrington

On the hottest day of the year I decided to do the latest vets race over at Crossgates as I thought it would make a nice change from my usual tuesday speed session. Thankfully at registration the sun had dipped behind the clouds so it  made conditions slightly better. The race was 5.5 miles in distance and all off road on open fields and farm tracks (i hate off road!!) As we set off, I started off quite cautiously but once i found my footing and after a early tussle with a couple of other runners I managed to open up a decent lead, I was able to enjoy the race and the early evening views, I crossed the finish line comfortably in 1st place in 30.17, there were 168 finishers, of which I was the sole Otley representative. After the race there was a buffet for all runners and the presentation was swift. There was a lovely friendly atmosphere throughout the evening and at £5 entry, with the great marshalling and organisation, what’s not to like!! But I still hate off road!!

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  1. Congratulations to Scott H.for winning the Crossgates race in a terrible muggy condition that makes running more difficult , his 1st place in 30.17 is a splendid result . I have been a road runner until I reached 50 years old then I started to appreciate the off road and fell race more because they are more gentle on your knees and all the joints , I do love to run on grassy footpaths, I do not like at all when the fell race is too rocky and too many stones on the path because when is wet is easy to slip and if you fall on rocks you are in trouble with bad injury .

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