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28th of June Hyde Park Summer Half mile

Jenson Brogden and Holly Davey took part in this Half mile race in Leeds. The race takes place in the park where the Woodhouse Moor Parkrun takes place. The start line was narrow giving the Juniors very little space and resulted in a brutal start where Jenson was elbowed in the face by a fellow runner! Jenson battled on despite being pushed back and finished 4th with Holly just behind him in 5th.

Results to follow.

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Sunday 10th July: Leeds 10K

Report from Howard:

Today, together with 6,733 other participants, I ran the Asda 10K in Leeds. A nicely organised event in terms of start logistics, estimated finish time segregation/starts, toilets where they were needed and finish set up. The roads were closed within the route but I was able to park for free within a four minute walk from the start. It was deceptively warm and muggy as I oriented myself for the finish and I was glad I had opted for my summer vest. At the start the compere was brilliant I thought, veritably ‘voice-over man’ himself and he animated the twenty minutes before the start, along with the obligatory ‘warm up’ sequence. I had felt quite fatigued during the week’s training after last week’s efforts but at the start I thought I detected a bit of a spring in my step. I have done a couple of 20 minute 5K’s recently so was hopeful of approaching 40.00 minutes as there was no swim or bike leg to sap my strength today. I stationed myself optimistically behind the 40 pacer. The start was not as slow and congested as I had anticipated but allowed for a steady build-up of pace. The pacer’s flag did disappear into the distance quite quickly and the spring in my step quickly vanished too. There were one or two pinch points going round the station in the city centre but then the route opened up towards Kirkstall Abbey. My predicted time was between 40 and 44 minutes and I settled into a steady pace that would lead me to within that band. The conditions were very muggy and it all felt like hard work but the crowds were out in strength and very vocal at the finish which was great. Leeds is becoming a sporting Mecca (Is it too much to hope for a Football team revival?). The race was won by Jamil Parapia, sporting his Leeds City colours, in 31.51, first lady was Hannah Oldroyd of Saltaire Striders in 36.52. Otley finishers were, Zack Whitehead 13th in 34.56, Cadan Hoare in246th place in 41.32, Marcus Adams in 254th place in 42.12, I came in 364th position ( 2nd O/60 by 6 seconds out of 115) in 43.50, Nicola Lee 544th in 45,36, Peter Gosling 1270th in 50.40, Eriks Zvaigzne was 1467th in 50.51, Melvin Hoare was 1492nd in 50.33, Reid Haddow was 1709th in 54.52 and Sean O’Halloran was 3878th in 1.07.46. All times are chip times which explains why the finish order is slightly awry as these are gun positions.

Is it me or was it quite hard work today?


Sunday 10th July: Kilburn Feast 7m road race

Report from Mark Hall:

I did this event in 2012, running a minute slower than today! The race is run on a very hilly circuit and the unusual distance means there is no pressure to run a time. In a lot of events this year I have either been chasing times or running championship races, which means races are not always enjoyable. I entered the Kilburn event treating it as a ‘fun’ race, I did not prepare at all for it and despite this I had one of my best performances of the year, probably the only time in 2016 I have raced on top form.

Winner, Tristan Leroid, New Marske, 39.47. I finished 4th in the race in 41.54 and 1st V55


Saturday 9th July: Addingham gala fell race

Report from Liam:

Just a quick note on the Addingham Gala Fell Race. I’m doing the Snowdon Mountain race next weekend so decided late on to give the legs a little warm up, as my hill training in preparation for Snowdon has been pretty poor.
The weather was warm and muggy and just 56 runners lined up at the start and this was probably down to a fell race taking place in nearby Baildon and I think most of the faster end were at Sedburgh for the fell championship event.
With only two other OAC members, Antonio Cardinale and Don Buffham, we left the gala field and made our way up towards Beamsley. I did this event about 5 years ago and believe the route had changed since then.
I was soon joined out front with the young Marcus Preedy of Rosendale who like me wasn’t 100% sure of the route and this meant a slow pace at the front. We had a few moments of questioning the direction of the course but to be fair the course was as well marked as it possibly could be for a fell race.
On the climb up Beamsley the young whipper snapper dropped off and I got about 30 secs ahead of Paul Carmen of Ilkley Harriers who followed behind. At the bottom of the Beamsley decent I missed a turning onto a small track and had it not been for the Ilkley man behind I would have ended up elsewhere!
From here I found my way safely home and finished first across the line also picking up the prize for, as my wife Charlotte put it, ‘1st old git’ to finish. Don finished in 52nd (1.10.48) and Antonio followed soon after to complete the tough little course in 1.32.09
First Lady was the young and talented 17 year old Jemima Elgood of Ilkley Harriers who broke the female course record by 45 seconds. Results can be found below:


Thursday 7th July: Todmorden 5k

Report from Mark Hall:

This event is run in a Todmorden park taking in 5 laps of 1 KM. The circuit has a 180 turn, almost a complete stop, also 200m each lap of trail (x5) add to this dog walkers and lapping runners, not ideal.

Winner: Jason Parker, Preston Harriers, 16.41

I finished 4th 17.24 setting a V55 course record and also won the V55 Yorks vets champs.


Runner of the Month for June

Zack_at_SwaledaleHLZaLauraHindck Whitehead and Laura Hind were voted as last month’s runner of the month for competing in all of the counting Harrogate League races.  Well done both well deserved.

On the same note, honorable mentions for Mr & Mrs Pomfrett & the hon. handicapper for Windy Gyle fell race.


Tuesday 5th July – Danefield Relay

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

A good turn out from Otley AC, at this local event.  The tree felling over the winter lead to a few alterations to the traditional route, leaving a very similar distance, but a bit more of a climb up from Leeds Rd towards the end.  On the last leg Liam Dunne easily recorded the quickest time of the day for Otley for a 6th place finish.

Performances of the day I think went to Tom Lynch battling it out with me all the way round and Vikki Butler in the ‘Best’ team.  Full results can be found on the Horsforth Fellandale website here.  Lots of photos courtesy of Scott Leach here.

Team position Team Name Team total time Split Time
1 Pudsey & Bramley A 00:55:46
Matt Lockyer 18:57
Neal Crampton 19:09
Joe Baxter (fastest) 17:40
6 Otley AC 01:00:41
Andrew Robertshaw 20:25
Graham Lake 20:43
Liam Dunne 19:33
19 Otley AC Terriers 01:04:39
Tom Lynch 20:30
Steve Robinson 22:49
Tom Pomfrett 21:20
48 Horsforth Fellandale 01:14:22
Chris Small 24:47
Rogan Ashton 21:05
Ellie Birch 28:30
57 Otley Olympians 01:15:34
James Rawstron 25:09
Michael Hastings 24:42
Andy Webster 25:43
78 Otley Best 01:21:22
Colin Best 29:07
Kirsty Pomfrett 26:26
Vikki Butler 25:49
88 Otley Gruffalos 01:24:38
Caron Ralph 27:14
Serena Blackburn 28:03
Liz Fawcett 29:21
148 Three Old Plebs 01:12:02
Dominic Egan 27:05
Steve Darby 24:49
Will Kerr 20:08


2nd – 3rd July – Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon

Report from Kirsty Pomfrett

On Friday Tom and I drove over to Pooley Bridge to take part in the Harter Fell class of this year’s Saunders Mountain Marathon.

Saturday morning, bags packed, we headed out into the rain, through the campsite to the start where we were set off third in our class.  We dibbed and headed straight up a hill over rough, tussocky ground.  The first two controls were quite far apart and a few poor nav decisions meant that we ended up bashing our way through bracken down to a control tucked away in a beck.  I think it’s fair to say that this not my favourite part of the race!

After a short steep incline, we contoured around to Low Raise and started to get into our stride a little.  The rain was fairly persistent by now but we continued steadily on around High Raise making up for the morning and enjoying the faster descents.saunders1

The final leg was back to sketchier terrain – what would have been a lovely jaunt through woodland turned into a slimy, slippery mess.  We scrambled through and on the other side were rewarded with another track toward the final control.

We finished day one at 13.10 and spent the rest of the day trying to hide from the rain in our cosy 1 man tent.  A break in the showers meant that we could see the route planner’s optimum route – a fair bit shorter than that we’d chosen!

SaundersTentFieldDay two began with a mass start, unsurprisingly straight up a hill!  The navigation felt more straightforward, and we’d learned from our mistakes on day one.  Once we’d made it to the first control, we had a sustained narrow descent and in contrast to the Saturday… sunshine – lots of lovely sun!  Choosing to stay up on the hillside and take a slightly longer route meant that we overtook a few other pairs in the middle of the course.   A few more bracken fields and peat hags and we were running back toward Pooley Bridge and the finish line.  Despite the weather on Day One it was a thoroughly enjoyable race and a great intro for me into a whole new world of hill running!

Results for Harter Fell Class

1st        Nigel Bunn  & David Bunn 5:29:47

6th       Martin Skinner & Susan Skinner  07:02:02 (first mixed)

27th     Suzy Robertson & Nicola Elder 08:20:06 (first ladies)

18th     Thomas Pomfrett & Kirsty Pomfrett 08:02:49


Sunday 3rd July – Chatsworth Sprint Triathlon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Having narrowly missed qualification for next year’s European sprint tri championships in Dusseldorf by failing to breathe properly in Lisbon I had the last chance to qualify at Chatsworth yesterday. I had entered in anticipation of needing to do it and I knew it was not going to be a walk in the park. More and more people are tri-ing (sic) to qualify so there were 18 hopefuls contesting the four places on offer yesterday. That  included those coming up next year from the younger group but there were also those not registered for the euro’s competing.  After an early (3.30a.m.) start I got to Chatsworth which is as beautiful a venue as any, as the sun came up and created a mist on the river Derwent. There had been heavy rain the day before so the river had plenty of cool fresh water in it and the fields and tracks were still a bit waterlogged and muddy. Start was delayed about half an hour but that allowed the sun to warm up the general venue, if not the water. When we got into the river the water was 12 degrees (they said) and I got the usual brain freeze that you have to work through till your senses come back. It was so cold and took so long I thought I would not become acclimatised before the gun went; some people did not. I had been one of the first to get into the water so luckily my head cleared just as the gun went. Far too many people for such a narrow river, of which we only had half width as you had to come back for the return leg on the other side, against the current. I decided to take a wide line away from the melee and with the current the swim to the turn was Ok. My new wetsuit is good. Trouble free at the turn and had warmed up enough to increase the stroke rate against the current. I felt like I was having an OK swim and was out of the water in 5th position in the age group. Not bad. A long jog across the sheep fields to transition which went well and away across the field with the bike.

A lovely flat stretch of carriage drive to warm up on the bike and then a turn at the bottom of one of the challenging peak district hills and then up. Up and up and up. Watching the tour de France has helped as I sat in the saddle and turned steadily in the lowest gear and ground my way up a la Chris Froome. I passed many stronger riders trying to go quickly up the hill and 9 Kilometres (yes 9K) later got to the top. It was unrelenting! Then there was no levelling off just a straight descent back to the transition at a dangerously fast speed. The oncoming traffic had been diverted so it wasn’t too bad till you got to the bit they were re-surfacing. The road had been scarified ready for topping so for half a tooth loosening mile we bounced  and jarred across like some ‘Tom and Jerry’ sketch. Another slick transition and off on the 5K run. That consisted of a 2.5K trail up through a wooded hill on a wet, slippery and muddy path and back down again. My slick shoes were not the best choice ( I had expected metalled paths) and I failed to make ground on rivals. As luck would have it no-one made up enough ground on me to change the finish order either. Results out immediately and I was third in my age group at which I was amazed as it was not my kind of route at all, with only one younger contender in front of us all. 4th place in the qualifier equals auto selection so Dusseldorf hier komme ich!


Sunday 3rd July- Isle of Arran half marathon

Report from Tom Hannah: In 2008, Otley A.C. sent a raiding party to the Isle of Arran to compete in the local half marathon. There wasn’t much raping and pillaging but quite a few prizes were looted by our members (see photograph attached).

2008 OtleyAC on tour

2008 OtleyAC on tour

I remember that the only one who didn’t win a prize was myself. Anyway, my wife and I recently went back there on holiday and, purely by chance, the 2016 race was taking place while we were there. I could not resist the opportunity to have another go. Travelling by the local bus service, I arrived in plenty of time for the 12 noon start at Blackwaterfoot. Weather conditions were ideal, no rain and fairly calm.
  Having registered and picked up my number at the local hotel, I lined up hoping that my recollection of a not too hilly course would be repeated. Sure enough, the route was the same and after a fairly flat 4 miles, there was a steady climb during which several people passed me. Not panicking, I pulled them back and after another climb between 8 and 9 miles, I knew that the later stages would be flat and downhill to the finish. My target was sub-2 hours (fairly modest as I had done 1.37.46 on my previous visit) so I was pleased to finish in 1.59.30. The winner was Scott Martin of Kilmarnock Harriers in 1.18.05 according to RunBritain.
Needless to say, I didn’t win anything but the beer in the hotel afterwards was very good. If ever you go to Arran on holiday, I can recommend this as a nice low key race.