Saturday 20th August – An afternoon at Burnsall Feast

Saturday 20th August – An afternoon at Burnsall Feast

Report from Matt Podd: The weather was much better than predicted and a fair few black and whites converged on Burnsall for the sports. I arrived in time to see the finish of the 10 mile Road race, with Steve leading in Andy, Billy, Tom, Rob and Antonio  (great effort from the main man: How many times have you run this Antonio?) – sorry if I missed any one – results to follow. So a nervous wait before the main event – The historic and prestigious Fell race, very short, very steep and potentially dangerous. Liam was convinced to enter and lead us up the climb, with Colin going very well uphill, and Me, Caron, Serena and Andy churning in the wake, the descent that follow is either brilliant fun – or suicidal, depending on your bottle. I really enjoyed it and finished well behind Liam followed in by Caron, Colin, Serena and Andy. Colin could do well in this type of race if he took his brain out whilst descending. Ted Mason probably won, as Simon Bailey was leaning on a wall eating an apple admiring our ascending skills. Again results to follow, and maybe photo’s. Us who ran thank everyone who turned up to support us. My revelation this year is that the fell race is quite fun, if you haven’t done the road race just before it! We all had a grand day out.

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  1. Ditto Matt! Crazy descent and a potential ankle breaker, and Colin’s definitely done some sneaky hill training! Well done Liam for leading us in and the rest of us finished relatively close together. Great to see the 10 milers come storming in all pleased with their finishing times-not an easy race by all accounts.

  2. I do every year the Burnsall 10 from 2002 as a closing summer season and the village and the gala are awesome . I agree with the President Matt P. about Colin B. doing a powerful fell race finishing in 26.43 that is fast going uphill , also our President Matt P. ran strongly in 26.25 , Liam D. ran well in 19.06 that is super uphill , and Caron R. did a fantastic climbing to finish in 26.35. In the 10 miles Tom H. had a superb race in 1.32. Well done everyone.

  3. Good write up Matt. I went with the intention of doing both but couldn’t manage it, too knackered, will have to try again next year!

  4. You are too kind Matt , I feel to be a privilege for me that I can still go out with a slow group at 67 , several times a week, after almost 50 years of running , my friends at my old running club in Milan , they are still at it , plodding or racing inside their 70 , for me running , and nowadays also walking is lovely . You did well not to wait for me at the finish , otherwise you would have lost the start of the fell race .

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