Sunday 21st August – Escrick 10k

Sunday 21st August – Escrick 10k

The Howard Jeffrey weekly update: Nearly every year I like to do the Escrick 10k which is an off-road trail race through Escrick park and woods which is just SE of York so fairly flat and local. Yesterday it was very warm with a bit of a breeze as I lined up near the front with another 580 runners. Also the only Otley AC member as the other person from Otley either could not come, did not finish or was missed from the results. (Are you that person?). The hooter went and I had warmed up enough to get to the pinch point at about 150m, where the road narrows to a ginnel and then through the park gates, in the first 100 or so. A very slight incline up a tarmac road takes you quickly to a small downward stretch and left onto the gravel track. The stones are loose and quite deep so the going gets to be quite hard work. I know in my age group there is a very good runner, Steve Boynton, who does the park runs in sub 20 mins and a rival I have been cat and mouse with for the last 30 years, Chris Gill, are ahead and I am running alongside Neil Scruton from Scarborough AC, who is also quite good. He appears to be racing Victor Shirley who is, get this, over 70! (and still going strong). I have done a lot of hard races recently and I feel a bit flat and the trail is hard work as well as very winding. We get to the woods and there is some welcome shade and a water station. Despite the lack of zip I am slowly gaining on Chris and when we get to 7k and are back out on the gravel track I sense he is weakening. The others have are still visible in front but are racing each other so I am not gaining on them. At 9k I am alongside Chris and am able to kick on and come home in 43.37 in 67th place and third in the 0/60 category out of 42. The race was won in 34.13 by Paul Marchant of Northern Masters. First lady was Clara Stansfield of City of Hull in 38.05 and 15th position.

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  1. 67th at the finish line out of 580 runners is a awesome result Howard , and your time of 43.37 is good considering as well that was a off-road trail race with a lot of gravel track, and it is curious that you can spot your rivals straight away between loads of runners and studying as well how they will perform during the race and as well trying to adapt yourself according to their daily weakness or fitness . Well done Howard .

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