Sunday 11th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Sunday 11th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

Report from Laura Hind: Super conditions beckoned for the Vale of York half marathon this Sunday, with eight OAC’ers turning out for the third running of this race. A slightly later start due to traffic congestion, but all very stress free on the run up to the start. The race itself is a bit of a lollipop affair, 6 miles out, a loop and then covering more or less the same route back. Although it was sunny, the heat thankfully didn’t kick in until later on in the day and we were able to make it round comfortably (a welcome relief after Leeds half back in May!)

I’d not done nearly the training I was hoping to over the summer due to holidays etc., so was just hoping to make it round pressure-free. Ann and I set off together, with her keeping tabs on our pace. I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt, even after 6 miles, but was worried about cranking up the pace in case I blew up towards the end. As it was, by 8.5 miles, I was feeling very good and my pace naturally picked up and I found myself passing people who I’d seen earlier on in the race quite easily. I think my 11th mile was the fastest – very odd – and I knew then that I was on for the sub-2 hour result which has been eluding me! Even managed an ‘Asda sprint’ as I came up to the line and was very pleased to come in in 1:59:04. I did say that I wouldn’t need to do another half once I’d cracked the 2hrs, but that 4 seconds is a bit annoying, isn’t it? ; )

Emma and Rob had brilliant runs in their first half marathons, raising lots of money for their chosen charities in the process. Nicola ran a blinder and Ann also managed a PB! A good day out all around.

Nicola Lee, 1:40:27 (PB) Ged Peacock, 1:50:46; Eriks Zvaigzne, 1:55:35; Andrew Rayner, 1:55:30; Ann Yeadon, 2:00:57 (PB); Rob Fearnley, 2:07:23; Emma Thomson, 2:12:13. The race was won by Jason Cherriman (City of Leeds) in 1:08:55 with first lady, Faye Banks (Pontefract AC) in 1:21:55.

3 thoughts on “Sunday 11th September – Vale of York Half Marathon

  1. Fabulous results for everyone especially Nicola and Ann with their PBs and Rob and Emma with their first half marathon, BUT Laura you’ve set me a challenge now sub 2 hours is fantastic!

  2. I agree with Joanna H. and Tom P. about the fabulous and awesome results . Congratulations to Nicola L. for her PB. achieved in a superb 1.40 and Congratulations as well to Ann Y. for her PB. in 2.00 not a bad run at all . Also Laura H. ran well in this York race in 1.59 it is a good performance and Emma T. had a good day running too , like Rob F. who ran strongly in their first half. Well done everyone .

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