Sunday 18th September: Haverah Trail Race

Sunday 18th September: Haverah Trail Race

Report from Graham Lake:
I got a last minute entry for this shiny new trail race being run by Harrogate Harriers as I needed some racing after a quiet (and boozy) summer.
The weather was glorious for early autumn, and 224 runners set off down the road before turning onto some lovely quiet fields and woods. I’ve not raced much, or run over 6-7 miles for some time, so took it easy for the first 5 miles, sitting in about 30th place according to one of the marshals.
Getting past Beaver Dyke Reservoir (there are some great Strava segment names round here) there were more friendly marshals with water and jelly beans to point us back towards Beckwithshaw. I’d run most of the race with a chap from Richmond and Zetland, finding if one got ahead, the other caught up, so had a chat and pushed on to gain some places. It was incredibly flat for a Yorkshire trail race, just a few short sharp ascents and we soon started gaining places. A quick shout at 9 miles saying I was in 11th placed spurred me on and I passed one more runner, having let the R&Z guy get too far ahead, but leaving me in 10th at the finish. Really pleased the summer hasn’t broken me too much!
The winner was Andrew Grant (Harrogate Harriers) 1.04.56
First lady was Crystal Goecker in 1.12.56
I came in 10th 1.10.56
Billy 170th 1.44.40
Nicky Gifford 193rd 1.54.33

6 thoughts on “Sunday 18th September: Haverah Trail Race

  1. I hope to see this on the race calendar next year, surprised that you say it was fairly flat. Well done Graham for your 10th place and great time from Nicky.

  2. Well Done Graham, I loved this race and will defiantly do this next year. Chocolate, beer and bacon butties, I think Billy had 3 Butties 😉

  3. It’s all relative Hannah 😉
    Checked Strava, 600ft over ten miles ain’t a lot tho for an off road race. Hardest bits were the uneven cow-fields and quite a few styles and gates, but you get a nice rest there.

  4. Nice area to run through, and local. Lots on internet about Havarah Park, the Cosmic Ray detectors and John O Gaunts castle. Well done all – quite fancy this one next year.

  5. Yes Graham your 10th position it is a lovely result , 10 miles in 1.10 with all those gates and styles is a powerful ran . Also Nicky G. ran a strong trail race in 1.54 , it is a good result with such uneven fields ..and Billy R. ran well too with a good stride in 1.44.

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