Sunday 18th September: Tadcaster 10

Sunday 18th September: Tadcaster 10

Report from Howard:

Back in the day I got my 10 mile pb at the Tadcaster 10 and had always liked the race for that reason and because it was close to home. Then they stopped it, I know not why but now it’s back. It was not very well advertised I don’t think because I had also entered the inaugural Harrogate 10 mile trail race before I saw this was on. Up until yesterday I was planning to do Harrogate but their website said trails could be wet and muddy and take care over the stiles and blah blah. As I have always preferred nice smooth tarmac and you could enter Taddy on the day I did just that. I also wanted to benchmark my current form against some-one currently usually first in my age group. He did Wetherby parkrun yesterday in 19.06 so I expected to be about 5 minutes behind. The bridge is still under repair so the start was a good walk away from the HQ across the river. There was almost no wind but the sun was coming up warm so it was going to be testing out on the exposed roads. Best to start steady and acclimatise in the first mile or so which is what I did. I anticipated a finish in 1.10 at 7 minute mile pace which is what I have managed in recent 10Ks. Got to push on a bit to last for the extra distance though. The first mile was uphill towards the A64 and then turn left into the hinterland towards mile one. 7.30 pace with a guy alongside also aiming for 70 minutes. We catch up another guy who steps up the pace to not let us past and it turns out he too is aiming for 70 minutes as I twig when his watch beeps at 21 minutes as we go through mile three. The sun is up now so it is getting a bit warm although I am comfortable with the pace. We are the three amigos and are able to chat a bit to pass the time and we are also passing people steadily all the way to the finish. At mile 5 there is a welcome drinks station although there has been much more shade than I remember and the heat is not actually beating back off the tarmac as in previous races here. On reflection they had been after noon in late May so the sun and temperature were higher. The course is fast but it is far from flat as there are a couple of fairly long but not too steep inclines to negotiate. On the plus side there are also a couple of descents. The last two miles are downhill a bit then level along a narrow path which is pleasantly shaded, so a bit of a recovery before the finish. I had looked at the finish before the race and knew where it was and started to kick on but eased back when I realised they took you away from it into the town before returning back to it. The amigos had split up by now and the one I had been with up to 9 miles pulled away a bit and the other dropped behind. I crossed the line in 1.10. 42 so that was near enough and was pleased to be within 4 minutes of the age group winner I mentioned before, in 49th place. The race was won by Mike Burrett of Leeds City AC in 54.54 first lady Hannah Oldroyd Saltaire Striders in 11th place in 1.01.12. Some fellow Otley AC members also ran: Tom Midgley was 13th in 1.01.39, Tom Paget was 45th in 1.10.27, Christian Hosker 54th in 1.11.03. Tom P also introduced me to Simon but I don’t know if he is Otley or his surname or time, sorry. 284 finished. They had advertised full vets category prizes 3 in each but then there were not. Maybe they will be back one day too! Nice T shirt though and a medal with just the multi coloured word ‘finisher’ which of the hundreds I have, is about the oddest yet.

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  1. Never heard of this race, might have to keep an eye out for it next year as I like a 10 miler every now and then. Well done lads.

  2. I agree with all the positive comments made by Hannah L. , Caron R. and President Matt P. about you being a race machine . Your report from Tadcaster is indeed a super report that I liked very much , and your performance for this 10 mile it is a superb 1.10 just a fantastic ran by Howard J. The last time I did this race was 2002 and it was a flat one, with loads of Otley runners taking part . Also Tom M. ran a fast race in 1.01 and Christian H ran well in 1.11 . Tom P. ran a solid 10m in 1.10 good result indeed.

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