Saturday 24th September – North Wales Frog Trailffest

Saturday 24th September – North Wales Frog Trailffest

Report from Ian Broadbent:

With the farm a little quieter in September I booked to run 3 half marathons, unfortunately due to an argument with a dry stone wall I had to withdraw from the other two with a rib injury. So with some trepidation travelled down to North Wales frog trailffest 2016 which is a 13.5 mile run from Blauneau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog following the steam railway. Although you are dropping to the coast it also includes 1500 feet of ascent, trails, bogs, woodland, scree and just the final mile in to Porthmadog on road. Really enjoyable but tough run in great countryside with a friendly feel with runners helping each other through the harder parts. Very well marshalled and signed too with support from mountain rescue. But the best bit was they laid on a steam train to get you to the start included in the price, friends and family could join for the hour journey up and then the train follows the race down so friends and family can spectate on the move. The race finishes at Porthmadog station with a beer and technical shirt and I finished 80/155 in 2:29 at Porthmadog where my chief cheerleader was waiting!

4 thoughts on “Saturday 24th September – North Wales Frog Trailffest

  1. Good effort Ian, seems like a popular Welsh thing to race trains & horses. I’ve done a race the train, downhill 5k finishing near Caernarfon.

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