Sunday 25th September – Yorkshire Vets Championships Cleckheaton

Sunday 25th September – Yorkshire Vets Championships Cleckheaton

Report from Caroline Marler:

Last weekend, 25th September I went to Yorkshire Vets. Champs. at Cleckheaton .

Where were the Otley Veterans/Masters?!

I was the only one and won the W65 100m, 200m and 400m.All the age groups were in one race so in the 100m and 400m I didn’t win  – but only beaten by a 40 year old in the 400m.

The 200m was pleasing – best time for 2 years , 32.6 and I won the race, beating the others who were all younger!

No more races now until World Champs. in Oz.

6 thoughts on “Sunday 25th September – Yorkshire Vets Championships Cleckheaton

  1. Congratulations to Caroline M. for winning the Yorkshire Championship in several distances , she won the 100m 200m and 400m , but the 200 meters were special because she has beaten the younger one with a superb time of 32.6. Well done indeed .

  2. Caroline, well done on your excellent results. I would have competed in the YVAA track champs but was at the northern relays, poor timetable planning from YVAA? I did the the YVAA track champs last year winning 3 events and there were no other OAC runners either. I compete in most YVAA and BMAF road champs events. YVAA 10k champs this weekend and BMAF half (Glasgow) next weekend. Think like you, I do my best to represent OAC in the veteran category. It’s a pity more OAC vets are not interested in these excellent events

  3. I’d be up for this sort of thing. In fact had this in the diary, but couldn’t make it in the end. let me know when there’s anything on next year and I’ll come along. I’ll be a ‘proper’ vet by then. TBH I don’t really know what to expect, how many races you can enter etc, so would be good to find out.

  4. Well done Caroline!! It’s been a summer of injury for me but I’ll try and drum up more support for the track events but guess they’re not for everyone. I’d love to give it a go next time though. Will have a chat with you about them when I see you.
    Planning on doing the next Vets GP race on the 16th Oct. and hoping we can get a few out for that.

  5. Graham, Sara. If you are interested in doing Yorkshire vets championship look at the YVAA site there is a full list of events. Also, British veterans championships are on the BMAF site. However, you need to be a member of Northern vets to enter these races. Sara, Yorks vets GP events are similar to the HL and not a championship.

    If anyone needs information please contact me

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