Thursday 27th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

Thursday 27th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

The second track runner of the year produced a superb race.  At the end of first lap a group of Mark, Graham, Tom Midgley and Tom Lynch forged a lead.  Over the next couple, Mark Hall gradually moved out to a 10 or so metre lead, which he kept until the final 150m.  However with a desperate sprint down the home straight Graham and Tom Midgley were closing fast.  The finish line came just in time for Mark, holding on for the win, but only just!  reducing his club v55 record by 5 seconds.

Thanks to Russ Brogden for time keeping duties

1 Mark Hall 05:13
2 Graham Lake 05:13
3 Tom Midgley 05:13
4 Tom Lynch 05:16
5 Robin Outtersides 05:25
6 Tom Pomfrett 05:32
7 Jenson Brogden 05:51
8 Stephen Boddy 05:55
9 Howard Jeffrey 06:12
10 Chris Hosker 06:13
11 Beth Massey (Guest) 06:15
12 Aston Brogden 06:23
13 Andy Webster 06:31
14 Dominic Egan 06:36
15 John Davis 07:07
16 Alice Webster 08:06

8 thoughts on “Thursday 27th September – The Otley AC Dream Mile

  1. It was good fun. Cheers for timekeeping Andrew. Are there enough club funds for some photo finish technology? 🙂
    Would love to do more track work like the big group we’re doing last night.

  2. Yep, thanks to those who came and helped put the run on, those first four times are seriously impressive.

    Really nice atmosphere at the track with the different training groups. Had an quick chat with Joe Baxter afterwards about the make up of that elite looking group.

    I’d be up for a semi regular (monthly?) track visit if others were.

    P.S. Young Jenson was so impressive, kept expecting him to blow up and let me past but he paced it so well.

  3. Congratulations to Mark H. for winning the Dream Mile in a fantastic 5.13 that it is also another awesome club record , also Jenson B. ran a fast mile in 5.51 and his brother ran strongly too in 6.23. Alice W. had a superb Dream Mile in 8.06 . Well done everyone .

  4. Best runs on the night Jenson and Aston, well done. Alice ran really well too, good to see young people competing. Thanks to Andrew for making it possible.

  5. Re the training group that Stephen referred to, I trained with this group last winter. They meet at 6.55 at the stadium entrance, run a 2 mile warm up on the road (fast), do some strides on the track and (approx) a 30 minutes session of fast work. the group generally splits into 2 groups. Everyone is welcome as there are 4 or 5 different clubs involved, it’s a group of runners wanting to train hard together. (no club politics involved)

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