Sunday 2nd October – Chester Marathon

Sunday 2nd October – Chester Marathon


Report from Tom Paget: It’s been nearly 7 years since I last ran a marathon. In the intervening years I’ve made plenty of promises to myself to run another one, but have never managed to muster up the enthusiasm for the training that I knew I’d have to put in if I wanted to run a time that I would be happy with. For whatever reason the motivation seemed a bit stronger this year (perhaps it’s because I’m not getting any younger!) and so I identified the Chester marathon as my goal for the year.

 The training had gone pretty well, with only a minor injury holding me back for a week earlier in the summer, and so I arrived at the start line at Chester Racecourse under perfect weather conditions knowing that this was my chance to run a reasonable time. It is a lovely course. Generally flat (although a horrible hill at 24 miles killed me off) through the Cheshire countryside and villages, with good support and excellent organisation. I can thoroughly recommend it.

 The early miles ticked by very easily, my only concern was that I was running too slow. But taking it steady certainly paid off, as I felt very comfortable and really enjoyed myself right up to 22 miles. The last 4 miles were horrible, but I was delighted to finish in  173rd place out of 2885 in 33.11.14 (chip time) a PB by over 8 minutes. No more marathons for me for a while!

 Andy Webster was also running, and he finished in 3.53.45 in 716th place.

 Full results here.


8 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd October – Chester Marathon

  1. Well done Tom. You look pretty content on that picture. Makes it all worth it at the end eh?

  2. Well done the PB Tom, it doesn’t look like you had to push too hard for it either, nice one. Andy, how many marathons is that now this year? You’re the marathon man this year.

  3. I agree with all the good comments about Tom P. having his new PB. by 8 minutes , it is a super achievement as well to cross the finish line 173rd position out of 2880 runners in 3.11 that is solid running , not bad at all . Also Andrew W. ran well in this Chester Marathon in 3.53 . Well done both of you .

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