Saturday 8th October – Wasdale Show Fell Race

Saturday 8th October – Wasdale Show Fell Race

Report by the Hon. Handicapper:

Kirk Fell, steeper than it looks here!

My perfect racing scenario is probably an uphill only, vertical kilometre, (3300ft) climb in about 5 ish miles, however in the UK this is never going to happen, only in the Alps!

The nearest in the UK are the up & down races of Snowden, Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and the much lower key BOFRA, Wasdale Head Show fell race.  The show is a mixture of Herdwick Sheep, Hound trail races, vintage cars, motor bikes and various old steam powered farm machines, plus of course a race up and down the nearest hill…

The phrases, “A photo never lies“, a “A picture is worth a thousand words” and “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” came to mind in writing the report,  not sure about the first two but the last in definitely wrong in this case.

The picture of the race route doesn’t really do justice to the steepness of the race.  However the race stats. certainly do, 2400ft of ascent in approximately 1.25 miles.  This works out the an average gradient of 36%, taking out the relatively flat start & finish and a bit near the summit, most of the climb must have a gradient in the  40 – 50% range.  The local equivalence would be a mile or so of the steepist bit of the Chevin steps… Added to this a section of scree, which if you get on the wrong bit is like going up a down escalator.  All in all a piece of cake, oh and watched over by the local legend of the fells Joss Naylor MBE.

Some more stats. that tell the story the winner Ted Mason ‘ran‘ the 2.5 mile route in 10 seconds under 40 minutes, I was 12th in spot on 45 minutes, happy to lose just 4 positions on the leg strength testing descent.  Caron admitted to be a bit scared of toppling over on the descent but enjoyed the whole race experience finishing in 58th with a time of 1:19:51 and vows to make a return!

Full results on the BOFRA site here.  Well worth the early October weekend trip to the Lakes and lots of good photos on the appropriately named grand day out photography.

9 thoughts on “Saturday 8th October – Wasdale Show Fell Race

  1. A fantastic report from the Wasdale Show Fell Race , and a great performance by Andrew R. who went through the finish line in a super 45 minutes in such hard running , also Caron R. ran well in demanding and difficult terrain , her time 1.19 is good , not bad after all , loads of runners left behind .

  2. Thank you Antonio, & yes first in my category & a tip if you ever go to the show. Go to the pub for a bit afterwards, with a dedicated driver of course. The traffic on a 5 mile single lane road … you can probably guess what happens

  3. That has to be a certain Mr Fishwick! Don’t think it’s a possibility anymore as they’ve moved start time of Wasdale earlier to integrate it in the show.

  4. I think it’s still just about possible Graham, if you can do Sam Tosh’s winning time on Langdale (sub 2hr) which starts at 11, should give you ‘plenty’ of time to drive round to Wasdale, which now starts some time after 2pm, easy!

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