Sunday 9th October: Withins Skyline fell race

Sunday 9th October: Withins Skyline fell race

Report from Tom P

A motley crew of black and whites hopped aboard the good ship Rogan and crossed the moor to Haworth for the Withins Skyline on Sunday, part of the ever popular Woodentops series of fell races. Given the recent dry weather there were high hopes for some fast and springy trods through the heather, but this is Woodentops so it was (unsurprisingly) a knee deep boggy slog uphill after the initial firm track out of the quarry.

Tom Adams did his usual disappearing act into the distance and the rest of the field trailed in his wake, reaching the peak of the route below Withins Height before turning back across some sketchy paving slabs towards the finish. Apart from a small slip resulting in a headfirst dive into the heather the race went generally smoothly and the Otley contingent arrived home safe and sound albeit a little muddier than we set out.

There were 290 runners in total.


1st Tom Adams Ilkley 38:32  (new record)
18th Nichola Jackson Preston 47:52
23rd Rogan Ashton Otley AC 48:28
61st Tom Pomfrett Otley AC 52:17
144th Christian Hosker Otley AC 59:11
173rd Andy Webster Otley AC 62:45


There was also a good showing from the juniors in the Curly Wurly Rat Run races:

U10, U12 & U14 RACE 1M/150FT


1st Alex Thompson U14 Wharfedale 05:59
4th Alice Jones GU12 Wharfedale 06:27 (new record)
11th Jenson Brogden U12 Otley AC 07:00
22nd Holly Davey GU14 Otley AC 07:22
41st Adam Powell U14 Otley AC 07:49
44th Jake McBrinn U14 Otley AC 07:53
45th Ashton Brogden U10 Otley AC 07:54


Full results can be found at

4 thoughts on “Sunday 9th October: Withins Skyline fell race

  1. Members at 3 different fell races in one weekend, out reputation as a ‘road’ club amongst the fell running fraternity may have to change!
    Well done everyone.

  2. Good running, got a couple of pics I will send in, although phone ran out of memory. Was nice to watch a fell race for a change, especially from the warmth of the VW while I ate a fresh bacon sandwich and supped a mug of tea. I was so content I missed Tom Adams coming in nearly five minutes in front of everyone else! Strong run from Rogan I thought.

  3. Well done all, good turnout from both sections of the club. Somehow I’m yet to do a single woodentops race. Sounds like you might get too used to that Graham, surely it would be even more satisfying after a race ;-)?

  4. Good performances from the juniors , Holly D. had a strong ran in the very competitive field of the GU14 her 7.22 is not bad at all , also the the brothers Jenson B with the 11th place and Ashton B. with 7.54 they had good results in this Curly Wurly races . Adam P. ran well in this extraordinary location for fell running , and Jake M. as well had a good day running , he went through the finish line in 7.53 .Well done everybody who ran this lovely fell race that I used to run several years back .

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