Sunday 9th October: Yorkshire marathon

Sunday 9th October: Yorkshire marathon


Scott Harrington was third in 2.28.05 (PB) and second claim member Jamil Parapia, running his first marathon, was 5th in 2.30.20. Winner was Paul Martaletti in 2.19.36. Andrew Rayner was 1746th in 4.14.36, 3826 finished. First lady was Sarah Lowery Sheffield AC in 2.45.53 in 38th place.

Gemma’s report from a spectators perspective:

Scott decided to compete in the Yorkshire marathon earlier this year after being unable to take part last year due to injury and also as was still chasing the sub 2:30hr time! His training regime had changed over the summer after doing two spring marathons and consisted of lots of early long morning runs, running every day while on holiday in France, 100+miles per week training and no alcohol for the 4 weeks running up to it!! (This was the hardest part for him!).

The morning of the marathon came and pretty perfect running conditions saw us heading over to the start at York university. I dropped Scott off early as he needed to register and was wanted for interviews as was running as an ‘elite’ runner! He was in pretty high spirits and knew what he needed to do to get the time he wanted and that was to run 5:40min/mile for the 26.2miles (crazy!). I headed to my first spectating point which was just before the 5mile point where I was met by the rest of the cheering squad (Charlotte T, Nicola Lee & family, my parents and my kids). At this point Scott was already in 3rd position with Jamil P sitting just behind him. I have been a spectator on this course twice before so knew how to get round quite easily and so managed to see them at 11,17, 19miles and also at the finish.

Scott looked really strong at every point and with the aid of the live tracker we knew that the elusive sub 2:30hr was a strong possibility! There was a really good atmosphere out on the course with cheerleaders and bands and seemed a very well organised event. (Much better than Manchester marathon anyway!!). Managing to get to the finishing straight before Scott was quite a difficult task but with kids on scooters and a bit of a sweat on, Charlotte & myself succeeded! I was so nervous watching and felt quite sick waiting for Scott to come into sight. When he finally appeared I knew he had achieved what he set out to do and crossed/stumbled over the finish line in 2:28:05 and 3rd position! Hooray!! 2nd claim Jamil was not too far behind and finished in 5th position, his debut marathon in a cracking 2:30:20. He looked like he was struggling a bit afterwards not surprisingly! President Billy also had a cracking run considering he didn’t think he would make it to the start line!

A few people have asked me today if it has motivated me to enter another marathon the answer is probably no! It takes such a lot of commitment to train, a lot of time, sacrifices and pain to do it. I am quite happy just being the proud supportive wife. (Please Mr Postman I don’t want to see an acceptance letter from London marathon on my doormat tomorrow!!)

11 thoughts on “Sunday 9th October: Yorkshire marathon

  1. Inspirational stuff. I can’t imagine being that dedicated, but it just shows that the hard work pays off!

  2. 5.40 a mile is the stat that gets me. Amazing Scott, been good to see your training on Strava to see how much dedication you need to get this sort of result.

  3. The dedication, hard work and talent it takes to run that quickly for that distance is pretty staggering. Outstanding effort Scott, I expect it was very painful but you have a sub 2.30 marathon PB forever now. Enjoy.

  4. Scott has worked tirelessly for that marathon time. 100 miles a week managing a full time job and family cannot be easy. It was a privilege to run with him (for 4 miles) he was so focused. A truly inspirational performance and wearing the Otley vest has now finished 1st and 3rd in his last two marathons. I hope Otley find a way of showing their appreciation for one of the hardest working and dedicated runners in the business. Well done to Billy too.

  5. I trust you have been celebrating in style Scott (alcohol involved). A much deserved result for you, and makes all that training and commitment from you and the rest of the family worth it. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s a real result that Billy finished the marathon as only two weeks ago he couldn’t walk so to have a course PB is brill. Just goes to show what you can do with a bit of grit and determination. PS – my mum in France saw Scott on the news, you’re famous now!

  6. Gemma’s report from a spectators perspective is awesome . Congratulations to Scott H. for the PB. and the excellent third place in this Yorkshire Marathon with the super fast time of 2.28 a great result indeed . Congratulations to Billy R. for the new post of President of Otley AC. all the best to him for the future as a new leader , Billy’s race was really a solid one with a lovely 4.14 that is strong running . Also Jamil P. ran well.

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