Sunday 16th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Sunday 16th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, mild breeze is what the weather forecast predicted as late as Saturday morning for the Bridlington half marathon today. Great I’m on for seven minute miling and a 1.30 clocking…or so I thought. Fast forward to 10.00 Sunday and witness vast, deep, dark banks of rain cloud being borne off the sea by strong winds. I had already wimped out and gone back for a long sleeved T shirt before the race thinking it is better to be too warm than too cold. The usual mad rush at the start left enough room on the road for me to settle into a comfortable pace. Mile one passed in 7.30 which felt about the limit today so I guess it was a ‘Brid too far’ to get down to 1.30. I made steady progress through the field to mile five and the wind was getting stronger but mainly behind so not yet an issue. I maintained a fairly steady pace that would see me home in 1.38 weather permitting. The rains came at mile six and I was glad of the T shirt (too warm…as if). The marker at mile seven was way out but back to rights at eight. There is a long downhill to mile nine and I felt reasonable so pushed on. I thought I noticed hail but it could have been rain bouncing off the ground (another runner at the end confirmed hail!). Between ten and eleven it was lashing it down and I was drenched to the skin and chilled to the marrow. The only enjoyment was passing people who were struggling worse than I towards mile twelve. At this point you get to do the hard bit! The wind was literally blowing people sideways, even the robust looking youngsters and the spray from the sea with the heavy rain made for tough going indeed. There is life in the old dog yet so despite what felt like muscular seizures up my left leg (seaward side) I managed to maintain the steady rate to cross the line in 1.36.54. What a nightmare! Can’t wait for next year!

The race was won by Steve Bateson East Hull Harriers in 1.11.58. First lady Nickie Nealon of Huncote Harriers AC in 21st place, 528 other poor souls finished but no other B&W’s.

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  1. Considering the atrocious weather condition in this Bridlington Half Marathon your 1.36 is a super result although the muscular seizure on your left leg and your report is the mirror of the morning race describing the blowing ferocious wind and the hard rain that made all more complicated to carry on running until the finish line. Well done to Howard J. competing at his best also on a bad morning .

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