Saturday 22nd October – Great Whernside Fell Race

Saturday 22nd October – Great Whernside Fell Race

mattpodd_greatwhernsideReport from Matt Podd:

Lovely weather for this on Saturday, straight up and down Great Whernside from Kettlewell. AS,  4 miles with 1558 ft of ascent. First time I’ve done it and I really enjoyed it. Four black and whites took on the challenge- Graham Lake 34th in 39.22, Me 1grahamlake_greatwhernside42 in 54 mins, and two unsung heroes of the club who quietly do a lot of fell racing – Bob Baker 146 in 55 mins and Don Buffham 158 in 61 mins. Graham was beaten by his brother Andrew who was 24th and took a good fall on the descent as he passed me still climbing. Special mention to Kelly Wilby, back racing very shortly after having twins.

Photos courtesy of Woodentops, lot more Set 1 here and Set 2 here and Full Results.

5 thoughts on “Saturday 22nd October – Great Whernside Fell Race

  1. Really enjoyed this, what’s not to like with 2 miles of fast descent (with a short rocky bit in the middle). I fell twice, but the bogs made it less painful.
    This is a champs race next year, so there were a lot of the big boys over from the Lakes to recce it (Carl Bell, Tom Addison etc) although the race was won by local Simon Bailey who had a significant lead at the top, with Tom Adams second. Victoria Wilkinson looked v strong to win the women’s race.
    No need to always mention my brother beating me though! This was his 26th race of the year :o)

  2. Graham L :

    No need to always mention my brother beating me though! This was his 26th race of the year :o)

    Guess you know how Jonny Brownlee feels Graham! Fancying the champ race next year? Another good turnout on the fells, well done all.

  3. Ha! I’ll have to fake an illness near the end of a race, see if he stops or not! (I’m guessing not!)

  4. Well done guys! Always a good one and that false summit above Hag Dyke gets me every time on that race…I did contemplate joining you but my days of 2 races in 2 days are definitely behind me! Glad u enjoyed it Matt and some cracking photos of you coming down! Sorry to miss Don and Bob but hopefully see them at Harriers v cyclists.

  5. What a shame that the Great Whernside clashed with our New Inn race , I had planned to do it when I realize that was on the same day of our race , maybe next year . The former President Matt P . did a strong fell race in 54 minutes a good result , and Graham L. quite fast in 39.22. great result in a very competitive field . Bob B. ran well in 55 minutes not bad at all and my friend Donald B . ran a great race in 61 minutes still leaving behind quite few runners .

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