Sunday 23rd October – Whixley 10k

Sunday 23rd October – Whixley 10k

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

In the words of Swiss Tony, the Whixley 10K (near York) was ‘like making love to a beautiful woman’: no warm up (too busy gassing), no rhythm (off road ruts and mud), over quickly (fastest time for ages) with a reward at the end (came first 0/60 in 42.48 and got a bottle of wine). The race was won by Phil Batty, unattached in 35.17 (rewarded with a giant pork pie!) first lady Jacqui Khoueiry Wakefield and district Harriers in 43.09 (pie) 137 finished. The categories were odd, lady vet over 60 (bag of sweets), me, first man and lady over 75, bottle of wine and bag of sweets respectively. Still a pleasantly low key race in beautiful countryside, conditions perfect and sporting the new look black club vest with white lettering and the only B&W (or should that be W&B?). I also managed to beat a rival, the rapidly improving David Womersley, who in his attempt to beat me, blew it in the first kilometre by going through in 3.45 when his all-time best for 10K is 41.40. I pride myself on good pace judgement and caught him and the first two ladies at 5K which I went through in 21.20. Next week Wistow 10K where one of the categories (if the same as last year) is men over 50 which is about half the field. Will be aiming for a time of 42.30 if the wind keeps away.  Full Results

5 thoughts on “Sunday 23rd October – Whixley 10k

  1. Loved the report Howard 🙂 did you know David was the team manager in 1982 or 83, (I can’t remember the exact year), of the winning team for the under 12/13 Wharfedale Schools Cross Country for Burley Middle School … and I still have the photo as evidence!

  2. Andrew, yes I did know but only because he told me yesterday and he even mentioned you and the photo. Can’t remember if he said he had one or wanted one but it would be great if you could send him a copy (or me and I can give it to him as I think he might do Wistow next weekend).

  3. Thanks, Andrew. He is obviously still proud of it as he suggested I look it up so I can now say I have.

  4. A pleasant report from Whixley 10k and the performance was good , 42.48 is fast really fast , it makes a big difference when a runner can pace himself wisely for all race long , like Howard is able to do …not easy . Well done to Howard J . I just red David’s blog and it is a splendid story down memory lane , Andrew’s photo is extraordinary , since 1983 he has not changed much , I spotted him straight away .

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