Sunday 30th october: Wistow 10k

Sunday 30th october: Wistow 10k

Report from Howard:

I had hoped to finish this flat 10k in perfect (no wind here for once) conditions at least in my target time of 42.30. I set off at the right pace and went through 5k in 21.20. Felt OK but not great and felt like I was working hard to maintain the pace. Dave Womersley, who I had beaten last week, had again gone off like the clappers and I expected to haul him back in before the end. Trouble is the 20 or so seconds he had made in the first K never got any smaller and I lacked the zip to make ground. He finished in 42.19 first in the age group in 47th place and I made 42.41 in 48th. Consolation was it was a faster 10K than last week, although I felt it should have been by minutes rather than seconds. The race was won by John Hobbs of Valley Striders in 32.10, followed home by the great Ian Fisher, in his last outing for Otley AC, (a sad day for the club, he stays 2nd claim but is off to Bingley) in 34.06. First lady was Jacqui Khoueiry of Holmfirth Harriers, 40th place in 41.07. 250 finished

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  1. I agree with you Howard , it is indeed a sad day for the club because Ian Fisher is an unique athlete who has been and still he is a big part of the history of Otley AC . all the best to Ian with Bingley . You went through 5k in 21.20 that is really powerful for a day that you felt not so great and to finish in 42.41 is a result and it is a strong running done not in the best of the day . Well done to Howard J.

  2. I have a cheque to post to you Howard. Good to see you there joining me in my last outing for the club. Thanks for the kind mention above, and also Antonio for his. It means a lot.

  3. Thanks Ian. I believe you (and Andrew) were actually at my first outing in an Otley AC vest many moons ago at the Rothwell 10K.

  4. I have been a member of running clubs since I was in my twenty , and I met all sorts of top runners that after few season at the very top , they just disappeared , but I never met one like Ian Fisher , just an extraordinary runner , at the very top of running for almost twenty years , a unique super fast consistency , with fabulous results , and still he is going strong …I wish ..and a nice lad as well , loads of respect for him . Well done to Ian Fisher , Otley AC. will miss him.

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