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Runner of the Month for September

imagebestteam_throptonshowCaroline Marler and Andrew Robertshaw were chosen as runners of the month for September, Caroline for her record breaking form at British Masters and Yorkshire Vets track championships.  Andrew for the Thropton Show, Simonside race.  Graham Lake, Ed. Davies and Christian Hosker were also mentioned in despatches.


Sunday 16th October – Green Drive 5 Miles Lytham St Annes

Report from Mark Hall:

I made the long drive north to do the GD5. I did this event last year, running 10 seconds faster. It is potentially a PB race, however, as with all races near the coast, it can be windy and today it was. There is a near 2 mile straight section on the main road that was directly into a head wind, this slowed everyone. I was chasing a time, my reason for doing this race. I wanted to register a UK best V55 at 5miles, I only managed 4th best UK time , (very disappointing) I presently lead the UK V55 rankings at 10k, 10m and half marathon which also means I lead the UK national ladder V55 rankings and hope to finish 2016 as top UK V55 as I did last year, ( runbritain and power of 10) I think I was feeling the effects of 3 races on consecutve weekends. Winner: Luke Minns, Blackpool Wyre & Fylde AC , 26.03 Mark Hall, 10th, 28.21, 1st V55


Sunday 16th October – Race 7 Yorks. Vets. Grand Prix Pudsey

Report from Colin Best:

I’ve not done many races this year but have got back into doing a few recently. As this was local I decided to give it a go.

The rain started just as I got into the car and was fairly heavy when I arrived. I met up with Joanna Hobson who was pleased to see an Otley face because despite having just registered was having second thoughts.

After donning my gloves for the first this autumn, we jogged off to the start about 10 mins away. The 5.75ml race started with one and a half laps of the field before a slippery descent to a beck followed by a steady sometimes steep climb for the next mile or so. I felt I was running well passing a few runners at this point. I continued running well picking off a few more when I had to stop to tie my shoelace. Losing momentum and a number of places that I’d just gained was annoying to say the least.

What I hadn’t realised was that following this muddy descent it was up again steeply, then down up again. I wasn’t banking on 5 steep testing hills and must admit to walking sections of the final 2.

I don’t know if is encouraging or depressing to know the age category of the person in front of you, but I was well beaten by a V75’ and it is inspiring to see a V80 runner finishing on such a challenging course.

1st Male Gavin Mulholland M45 Stainland 35.03

2nd Male Richard Pattinson M50 Horsforth 36.43

84th Male Colin Best              M60 Otley AC   53.58

1st Female Margaret Sykes  F45   Holmfirth 41.25

47th Female Joanna Hobson  F55  Otley AC  57.53

106 male 68 Female finishers

Next race Spenborough Sunday 13th November 11.00am full results


Sunday 16th October – Bridlington Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey:

Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, mild breeze is what the weather forecast predicted as late as Saturday morning for the Bridlington half marathon today. Great I’m on for seven minute miling and a 1.30 clocking…or so I thought. Fast forward to 10.00 Sunday and witness vast, deep, dark banks of rain cloud being borne off the sea by strong winds. I had already wimped out and gone back for a long sleeved T shirt before the race thinking it is better to be too warm than too cold. The usual mad rush at the start left enough room on the road for me to settle into a comfortable pace. Mile one passed in 7.30 which felt about the limit today so I guess it was a ‘Brid too far’ to get down to 1.30. I made steady progress through the field to mile five and the wind was getting stronger but mainly behind so not yet an issue. I maintained a fairly steady pace that would see me home in 1.38 weather permitting. The rains came at mile six and I was glad of the T shirt (too warm…as if). The marker at mile seven was way out but back to rights at eight. There is a long downhill to mile nine and I felt reasonable so pushed on. I thought I noticed hail but it could have been rain bouncing off the ground (another runner at the end confirmed hail!). Between ten and eleven it was lashing it down and I was drenched to the skin and chilled to the marrow. The only enjoyment was passing people who were struggling worse than I towards mile twelve. At this point you get to do the hard bit! The wind was literally blowing people sideways, even the robust looking youngsters and the spray from the sea with the heavy rain made for tough going indeed. There is life in the old dog yet so despite what felt like muscular seizures up my left leg (seaward side) I managed to maintain the steady rate to cross the line in 1.36.54. What a nightmare! Can’t wait for next year!

The race was won by Steve Bateson East Hull Harriers in 1.11.58. First lady Nickie Nealon of Huncote Harriers AC in 21st place, 528 other poor souls finished but no other B&W’s.


Saturday 15th October – Park Runs

Last week’s results, (8th October): Fountains Abbey,  Peter Crowder 23:56,  Wetherby, Howard Jeffrey 23:27,  Woodhouse Moor, Tom Midgley 18:24 and this week.

Fountains Abbey:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Reece Dalton Ripon 00:15:40
20 1 Mena Scatchard Unattached 00:20:07
58 53 Peter Crowder Otley AC 00:22:29

Harrogate: Park run pb’s for Stephen and Rob.

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Daryl Hibberd Valley Striders 00:17:27
35 35 Stephen Boddy Otley AC 00:21:01
46 1 Sharon Hardcastle Unattached 00:21:33
124 113 Rob Fearnley Otley AC 00:24:40


Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Alan Curley Abbey Runners 00:18:29
9 1 Lisa Mawer Wetherby Runners 00:20:14
29 24 Howard Jeffrey Otley AC 00:24:47

Woodhouse Moor:

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Time
1 1 Rav Panesar Valley Striders 00:17:21
45 1 Amy Young Hyde Park H 00:21:09
231 175 Kieran Green Otley AC 00:27:29
261 70 Alice Webster Otley AC 00:28:04
262 192 Andrew Webster Otley AC 00:28:05
285 82 Ellora Green Otley AC 00:28:51


Sunday 9th October: British Masters veteran half marathon championships

Another fantastic performance from Mark Hall:

The race took place in Kirkintilloch, north of Glasgow. I decided to make the 200 miles drive up on the day, unfortunately, the race started at 9am. The early start resulted in me rising at 2am almost missing a nights sleep not the best preparation, at least the roads were quiet!
Weather conditions were excellent. The circuit was hilly with many long inclines, after a mile or so I was running on my own and it remained that way for the next 12 miles. I very quickly realised the lack of sleep and long drive would result in the 13 miles being a big test. The whole race was a struggle so I was pleased to record a reasonable time.

The race attracted 183 entries. I was 8th overall, 1st V55 and British half marathon champion and kept the title for another year.
Winner: Robert Gilroy, Ron Hill Cambuslang Harriers, 71.43
Mark Hall, 78.45, 1st V55


Sunday 9th October: Yorkshire marathon


Scott Harrington was third in 2.28.05 (PB) and second claim member Jamil Parapia, running his first marathon, was 5th in 2.30.20. Winner was Paul Martaletti in 2.19.36. Andrew Rayner was 1746th in 4.14.36, 3826 finished. First lady was Sarah Lowery Sheffield AC in 2.45.53 in 38th place.

Gemma’s report from a spectators perspective:

Scott decided to compete in the Yorkshire marathon earlier this year after being unable to take part last year due to injury and also as was still chasing the sub 2:30hr time! His training regime had changed over the summer after doing two spring marathons and consisted of lots of early long morning runs, running every day while on holiday in France, 100+miles per week training and no alcohol for the 4 weeks running up to it!! (This was the hardest part for him!).

The morning of the marathon came and pretty perfect running conditions saw us heading over to the start at York university. I dropped Scott off early as he needed to register and was wanted for interviews as was running as an ‘elite’ runner! He was in pretty high spirits and knew what he needed to do to get the time he wanted and that was to run 5:40min/mile for the 26.2miles (crazy!). I headed to my first spectating point which was just before the 5mile point where I was met by the rest of the cheering squad (Charlotte T, Nicola Lee & family, my parents and my kids). At this point Scott was already in 3rd position with Jamil P sitting just behind him. I have been a spectator on this course twice before so knew how to get round quite easily and so managed to see them at 11,17, 19miles and also at the finish.

Scott looked really strong at every point and with the aid of the live tracker we knew that the elusive sub 2:30hr was a strong possibility! There was a really good atmosphere out on the course with cheerleaders and bands and seemed a very well organised event. (Much better than Manchester marathon anyway!!). Managing to get to the finishing straight before Scott was quite a difficult task but with kids on scooters and a bit of a sweat on, Charlotte & myself succeeded! I was so nervous watching and felt quite sick waiting for Scott to come into sight. When he finally appeared I knew he had achieved what he set out to do and crossed/stumbled over the finish line in 2:28:05 and 3rd position! Hooray!! 2nd claim Jamil was not too far behind and finished in 5th position, his debut marathon in a cracking 2:30:20. He looked like he was struggling a bit afterwards not surprisingly! President Billy also had a cracking run considering he didn’t think he would make it to the start line!

A few people have asked me today if it has motivated me to enter another marathon the answer is probably no! It takes such a lot of commitment to train, a lot of time, sacrifices and pain to do it. I am quite happy just being the proud supportive wife. (Please Mr Postman I don’t want to see an acceptance letter from London marathon on my doormat tomorrow!!)


Sunday 9th October: Withins Skyline fell race

Report from Tom P

A motley crew of black and whites hopped aboard the good ship Rogan and crossed the moor to Haworth for the Withins Skyline on Sunday, part of the ever popular Woodentops series of fell races. Given the recent dry weather there were high hopes for some fast and springy trods through the heather, but this is Woodentops so it was (unsurprisingly) a knee deep boggy slog uphill after the initial firm track out of the quarry.

Tom Adams did his usual disappearing act into the distance and the rest of the field trailed in his wake, reaching the peak of the route below Withins Height before turning back across some sketchy paving slabs towards the finish. Apart from a small slip resulting in a headfirst dive into the heather the race went generally smoothly and the Otley contingent arrived home safe and sound albeit a little muddier than we set out.

There were 290 runners in total.


1st Tom Adams Ilkley 38:32  (new record)
18th Nichola Jackson Preston 47:52
23rd Rogan Ashton Otley AC 48:28
61st Tom Pomfrett Otley AC 52:17
144th Christian Hosker Otley AC 59:11
173rd Andy Webster Otley AC 62:45


There was also a good showing from the juniors in the Curly Wurly Rat Run races:

U10, U12 & U14 RACE 1M/150FT


1st Alex Thompson U14 Wharfedale 05:59
4th Alice Jones GU12 Wharfedale 06:27 (new record)
11th Jenson Brogden U12 Otley AC 07:00
22nd Holly Davey GU14 Otley AC 07:22
41st Adam Powell U14 Otley AC 07:49
44th Jake McBrinn U14 Otley AC 07:53
45th Ashton Brogden U10 Otley AC 07:54


Full results can be found at


Sunday 9th October: York PlusNet 10 mile

Report from Howard:

I had a number for the Richmond Castle 10K but remember the rather wearisome drive up the A1 a couple of years ago. 10 miles around York seemed much more appealing so I entered that as well. Not to do both obviously but to have the choice even though I knew York it would be. The marathon was starting at 9.30 and the 10mile at 10.15 each with thousands of participants. That meant maybe heavy traffic, road closures and parking difficulties if not carefully planned. I put an old trail bike in the car in case I had to park miles away and ride in. I was lucky and got a slot quite near the University where the start was. At least I thought so! 25 minutes’ walk away and back which I did before the start. Glad of the bike to go back for the scheduled start. Good warm up prep as the slight wind was quite chilly till about 10.00 when the sun came up into clear blue sky. Nigh on perfect conditions. For such a mass event the start was very well organised into predicted finish times and a 100m draw forward to the actual start line. Had a chat with Peter Crowder who was aiming for 64 minutes and he had spoken to Scott who had been targeting the marathon today. My Target for today (sounds like bomber command) was to try and dip under 70 minutes. I set off behind the 70 minute pacer who I had overheard say the first mile was fast (downhill). Well he went off quickly and since I have probably been racing longer than he has been alive, I decided to trust my own pace judgement. He was way ahead when I went through mile one in 6.27. The crowds were cheering enthusiastically as we went through York centre and when we returned from the open country through the suburbs. As you can imagine the going is fairly flat apart from the early descent to mile 1 and then a slight drag up to 4. The pacer had settled into a more appropriate pace and I was at last in the group at mile 5 just behind him at 30 seconds under schedule. Conditions were ideal and I felt OK and decided to go with the pace till 8.5 and then push on. I am glad I did because we had to come back up most of the first hill towards the finish which was 500m from the start. A nice descent through rapturous crowds and a big screen with live commentary announcing the finishers. I crossed the line in 69.40 (69.32 chip) which is my fastest 10m for a while so well pleased. Peter also clocked 63 something so also had a good day out. No results yet so don’t know names or times or positions or even if other Black and Whites were there.


Saturday 8th October: Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race (English Champs)

Report from Tom Lynch

Great weather again this year (almost needed sun cream at some points!) for my second Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race, a 21.1 km /1450 m ascent fell race (apparently shorter if you measure it in miles – 12.5 miles /4600 ft), I made it more like just over 19 km. It doesn’t get any easier, but I paced myself better this year and took on food/water properly so didn’t feel on the verge of passing out at the end! Some experience meant I took some better lines, like not losing tonnes of height skirting too low round the start of Crinkle Crags, in the end taking nearly 20 minutes off my time. Always a very busy start to the race due to the number of entrants, this year despite being a championship and a sell-out was actually about the same number of finishers as last year, overall there were 378 finishers (389 started).

An English championship race this year and providing the deciding race in both the men’s and women’s championship. Simon Bailey (Mercia) came in second behind Sam Tosh (Rossendale) to snatch the championship over Sam by a handful of points – 3rd from Simon would have tied the championship. Victoria Wilkinson (Bingley) won the women’s race in a record time and also sealed the championship.

Sam Tosh 1st in 1:59:51
Victoria Wilkinson 1st woman in 2:22:50 (breaking 24 yr old record of 2:23:25)
Tom Lynch 181st 2:59:11