Saturday 12th November – Harriers Vs Cyclists

Saturday 12th November – Harriers Vs Cyclists

Report from Tom Lynch:

Harriers vs Cyclists is an unusual local race so had been in my calendar for a while, however it also fell on the same day as Burley Moor race, which is now my local race, and which I also fancied I had a better chance of doing well at. I toyed with the idea of doing both, and after deciding I was feeling OK after Burley Moor I headed down to Bingley to enter the race. As the race fell on the same day as the FRA dinner in Skipton there were quite a few top class fell runners/riders from far and wide to be spotted in the field lining up at the start (not to mention Bingley’s own top class runners many of whom seemed to be on their bikes today).
All new terrain for me, despite being so local, the route goes from the canal by the Fishermans pub up to the top of Baildon Moor via Shipley Glen. I tried a bit of a warm up, but decided it was a very bad idea on tired legs and so gave up. The start is very steep and is a race to the gate bottleneck at the top of the field, the runners and cyclists seemed to naturally form into two distinct groups on the start line, and the first few minutes are a fairly mad scramble. Andrew and Flash were out cheering us on, with Caron, myself, Don and Bob amongst those running for Otley, apologies if I’ve missed anyone. The results are on the way, the winner was Tom Adams on foot, with Rob Jebb coming in second on his bike. The day was pretty boggy, and I would predict that the running team won overall, as many of the cyclists seemed to be a bit far down the field.

3 sets of photos from Woodentops at 1, 2, 3, 4 and more here, a video from the start, results here.

**UPDATE- Results**

1 Tom Adams R Ilkley Harriers M 00:34:03 Course Record
2 Rob Jebb C Hope Factory Racing M40 00:34:30
26 Anna Lupton R Black Combe Runners F 00:41:18 (1st Woman)
77 Tom Lynch R Otley A.C M 00:46:05
201 Caron Ralph R Otley A.C F40 00:57:17
206 Bob Baker R Otley A.C M60 00:59:03
234 Don Buffham C Otley A.C M60 01:06:21

3 thoughts on “Saturday 12th November – Harriers Vs Cyclists

  1. We did well not to get knocked out by a bike or slide over in some very large cow pats! Well done Tom for the double-hope u didn’t regret it on Monday morning. Enjoyable if muddy race and my annual battle with Bob Baker-think we’re 2 a piece now and always lovely to see a smiling Don Buffham coming over the line on his bike…always the sign of a good race.

  2. It is a shame I had to miss this unique race that I ran for the last two years , but I am in bad shape , so I opted for my local one the Burley Run . My friend Don B. had a good day with the bike not easy to manoeuvre in muddy paths his finish time 1.06 he deserve a medal . Also Caron R. ran a great fell race in a solid performance and to cross the line in 57.17 she deserve another medal as well . Well done to Tom L. and Bob B. who also run strongly this Harriers Vs Cyclists .

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