Sunday 20th November – Brampton to Carlisle 10m

Sunday 20th November – Brampton to Carlisle 10m

Report from Mark Hall

Winner: Nick Swinburn, Morpeth 50.18

Mark Hall, 1st V55, 56.58. 27th place
It was another long trip north this time to Carlisle, not as bad as the previous week (Glasgow). I had 2 targets for the end of season, Abbey Dash, to go under 35 mins. The X International (last week) was a nice distraction but never a target and the BC 10m. It is said to be the oldest road race in the UK, it’s even older than me! (64th running) I was looking to go under 58 mins. I managed to record 56.58. The conditions were excellent the course has 3 hills and lots of straight roads. I was on a very good day and managed to take over 1 minute off my own UK best time as well as reducing the club record. It’s worth doing this race at least once as it attracts a quality field as well as being a rare place to place event.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday 20th November – Brampton to Carlisle 10m

  1. I agree with former President Matt P. about this is ‘another storming result’. Congratulations for the new club record achieved with an extraordinary 56.58 for 10m it is just beautiful running . Well done to Mark H.

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