Sunday 20th November – Clowne Half Marathon

Sunday 20th November – Clowne Half Marathon

Report from Howard Jeffrey

The longer the distance the more effect the weather has on the performances. Today it was wet, cold and blustery. The course is all on road but only one short stretch between miles 8 and 9 is level. On the whole of the rest of the course you are either going up or down. The hills are thankfully not severe but still enough to be a bit of a challenge. Time to recover on the downs despite the wind though. 853 people entered and 687 finished so I think the prospect of a slog through the elements deterred quite a few despite it being the Derbyshire championships. The start had changed this year and was organised into anticipated finishing times which I like. I lined up in the 1.30 to 1.45 section anticipating a 1.35 finish because of the weather and course which I know well even given the few alterations to improve the route this year. I set off steadily at what I thought was a sustainable pace and went through mile one in 7.15. I steadily passed all the optimists who had started in the sub 1.30 section over the next 5 miles and then the order was more or less established to the finish. As the race wore on the damp and the wind chill were noticeable and even the water at the drinks stations was too chilly to drink today. I managed to keep steady all the way round and averaged 7.15’s to finish in 1.35.32, 83rd overall. Another best time of the year and second ( by a minute) in the age group. The winner was Phil Skelton of Steel City Striders in 1.16.41 ( I know that is fast but for a winning time which here is normally under 1.12 must reflect the conditions). First Lady was Fiona Kesteven of Totley in 1.30.23 in 38th place. We got a T shirt and a hoodie so at the end we were able to stand around mumbling about the race with other individuals with hidden faces: it was like being a teenager again!

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5 thoughts on “Sunday 20th November – Clowne Half Marathon

  1. well done howard, clowne is my old club from when i lived in chesterfield, your right about the winning time it normally attracts a fast crowd, i did the race a couple of years ago and ran 74mins dead and finished in 4th

  2. Well done Howard.

    Enjoyed extracting a few running tips from you at Fountains Abbey parkrun on Saturday.

    Particular favourites from this consultation were:

    * Proven carbloading – noodles, noodles and yet more noodles…

    * Pre-race meal – oat based, but absolutely no milk “it clags you up”

    * A bit of alcohol the night before “lubricates the blood cells through your capillaries”

    Happy running

  3. Hannah, Nar too much angst!
    Peter, the tips would have helped at St Neots but I couldn’t find your name in the results.

  4. With 1.14 this year you would have won the race with more then two minutes to spare Scott , you did a great ran , a grand result . With such weather condition , wet and cold your 1.35 is fantastic , and to think that you left at your back more then 600 runners , a good result with a wise strategy and and you have got loads of racing experience . Well done to Scott H. for racing a couple of years ago with a splendid time , and to Howard J. for running this year Half in a superb mood race.

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