Sunday 20th November – Darmstadt Cross

Sunday 20th November – Darmstadt Cross

Report from Tom Lynch:

My sister persuaded me to enter the Darmstadt Cross race, as it conincided with my visit to see her in Germany, and also made up for missing the 3rd race in the WYXC league. The race is a 6.6km XC race that is part of a bamboozling set of races (15) that contribute to University Championships, a German Cross Country Cup and qualification for the German Athletics team. I’m not entirely sure which race I was in, but the field was certainly very strong. The race consisted of a male only field with U20s MO, and MV categories, and involved of 1 small and 5 big laps around a flat field with a couple of sandy ‘hills’ (bumps) and lots of dog poo! The course was really dry, with no mud in sight, despite everyone being in big spikes, it was perfectly runnable in trail shoes. I was pretty much left for dust at the start due in part to my diet of cheese and beer for the preceeding week at a conference, but mainly to the class field, it didn’t seem that there were many also rans entering these races! The winner was Jannik Seelhofer U20 (SC Melle 03) in 21:18.8, I came in 49th in 26:15.2, I don’t have the full results but there were at least 60 runners. Full results will appear here.

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  1. Danke schön Howard, I wrote it myself last night and totally missed that! Updated accordingly. I also missed out the bit about having to jump over hay bales on the course!

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