Sunday 27th November – Peco XC Race 1 Temple Newsam

Sunday 27th November – Peco XC Race 1 Temple Newsam

Report From Graham Lake

I’ve been struggling to find races that fit in with everything else going on, so took advantage of a bit of free time to do this as a guest runner. It was a fine autumn day for 500 runners (and that’s just the men) to do a lap of the fields, woods and hills of the estate. With my new streamlined chin I took it fairly easy for the first mile, but felt good, so pushed on up the long straight hill of ‘the avenue’. I seemed to be passing people and enjoyed the wooded trails. It wasn’t exactly very ‘cross-country’, purists would be saddened by the lack of mud, but it was a nice course. There’s a big hill near the end, but I was feeling ok, so pushed on, the final lap of the field was hard because I had someone on my shoulder and a Horsforth vest tantalisingly just in front, so I had to put in an effort to ‘just’ hold them off.

The race was won by some margin by Nathan Marsh of Leeds Uni CCC 25.30. I was 47th in 29.25. I didn’t see her, but Pange was 241st in 45.44, the ladies race being won by Zanthe Wray of Hallamshire.

Results here :

4 thoughts on “Sunday 27th November – Peco XC Race 1 Temple Newsam

  1. It is spectacular to see on video almost 500 runners starting a cross country race all together. The last time we did Temple Newsam , I think around 2003 the mud was so thick that the weight on your shoes was 10 kilos of mud each , you just could not get rid of it . To cross the finish line in 47th out of 500 runners it is a very good result , also the time 29.25 is super . Well done to Graham L.

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