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Thursday 3rd November – News from the Committee meeting

Runner of the Month: This month’s awards go to Scott Harrington and Hannah Lupton.


Little Miss Naughties

Scott for his pb and sub 2 hrs 30 minutes 3rd place at the PlusNet Yorkshire Marathon, (see finish Scott’s finish and interview at 39 mins, “…one happy man”).  Hannah for a brilliant effort in her first Ultra and at the Round Ripon Ultra.

Well done both.

Lifetime membership:  The committee are pleased to announce that Kath and Jack Robertshaw have been recognised their many years of support and service to the club, (since the late 1980’s), with the award of lifetime membership.

Couch to 5k Target run:  The latest beginners group have targeted the Bradford Lister Park, Park Run event on Saturday 3rd December for their first 5k.  It would be good to see members taking part too, with a post run Tea/Coffee and biscuits/cake and chat.


England Selection

From Mark Hall

Not a race report but happy to blow my own trumpet for this one!

I have been selected to represent England at next weekends International Masters cross country in Glasgow. I was selected to run in an international masters 10k in September, however, it was  a week after returning from holiday and I would not have been on form so I reluctantly declined selection. I thought this may be taken into account when selecting for this event fortunately, this was not the case. So after starting running at 38 yrs old I have managed to get an England vest.


Sunday 6th November – Leeds Abbey Dash

Report from Stephen Boddy:

Picking up former member Richard Smith up on the way to the Dash we discussed pre-race preparations and nerves. Smithy had been subjected to a three course meal for his father’s birthday the night before. He suffered in silence as the sober, designated driver until a round of superfluous Irish coffees was ordered, “I’ve been training for this race for ages, can we not go home yet!?” was his panicky cry.

I, myself, got unreasonably irritated with my 1.5yr son who, just minutes before I was due to leave, had the temerity to plead for some of the last banana in the house. After briefly relenting, my parental instinct kicked in and I succumbed to the puppy dog eyed pressure. I was still chuntering to Rich about this banana and how the lack of it could throw weeks of training off course when we picked another friend up who put it all in perspective. “I had 8 pints and a pizza last night” he sheepishly announced on entering the car. Any thoughts of exaggeration and bravado were swept aside by the pungent stench of stale alcohol that stayed with us until we gladly spilled out of the car into the biting November chill.

The race itself went like a dream for me, I ran with a mate from work and we ran 6.5 min/miles (approx) all the way round to finish in 40:41 which was a 3 minute PB. The whole race felt very controlled and I never thought I was going to blow up despite knowing I’d left everything out there on Kirkstall Road. I really like this race, it’s a credit to Leeds with a field brimming with elite runners, club runners right along to people doing their first 10k. The crowds are great and it is really well organised. I don’t usually like out and backs but this one I do as I enjoy passing the runners in both directions, it provides a pleasant distraction from any pain.

One minor bone of contention is that I am now the frustrated owner of the following PBs:

5k       20:00

10k     40:41

½ Marathon    1:40:29

Full Marathon  3:40:13

As proud as I am of these, a 9 in the minutes column wouldn’t go amiss on at least one of them!!

Good a see a few Black and Whites out there, I saw Nicola, Andy and Christian all running well.

Results from Leeds Abbey Dash (All chip times):

Zack Whitehead (132nd) 33:44, Mark Hall (198th) 34:56, Paul Kaiser (409th) 38:05, Peter Crowder (429th) 38:21, Stephen Boddy (794th) 40:41, Christian Hosker (902nd) 42:02, James Rawstron (955th), 42:45, Andy Webster (1307th) 44:54, Nicola Lee (1512nd) 45:50, Peter Gosling (1666th) 45:06, Liz Yates (2270th) 49:44, Ged Peacock (2925th) 53:57 Martin Gaskin (3744th) 52:52, Emma Barlow (5515th) 53:52, Louise Penny (4901st) 57:07, Nici Wharton (5506th) 1:00:35, Steve Haywood (6972nd) 1:10:08 The race was won by Jonny Mellor of Liverpool Harriers in 29:12 and first lady was Eilish McColgan of Dundee Hawkhill Harriers in 32:52


Sunday 6 November – Guy Fawkes 10

Report from Howard:

We were spoiled for choice this weekend with the Abbey Dash and the Guy Fawkes 10 for some obscure reason on the same weekend this year. I am an almost ever present at both these events so how to decide which one to do? Simple: do the one that keeps to the calendar date that it always has and the one that keeps changing, ‘boycott’. This week I had put the swimming and cycling on a back burner and got my running training back up to half the ‘normal’ schedule, This together with the fact I decided not to do a parkrun yesterday meant I lined up at the start feeling as sharp as I have for a while. This race has kept amending the start position. First to avoid the bus up the main street which always seemed to delay the start and also now to avoid the tortuous and slippery trek through Ripley Castle grounds. The start is a rapid downhill descent for a hundred yards or so and then up, down and up again through ‘Holly Hill Hell’ as the sign said. This track used to be rutted and stony but was tarmacked last year so this is now effectively a road race in its entirety.
The weather was a bit changeable with persistent rain right up to the start and then the sun came out. It was chill and there was a bit of a breeze. Exactly what the forecast had said, so I was in the right attire for me on the day. I had waited in the car to keep warm and dry so had not really warmed up as I like to. This meant a steady enough start for the first two miles or so. The cool air felt great and I breezed past everyone I had been close to last year and they were all behind by mile 3. Perhaps that is just as well because from there to 4 is ‘heartbreak hill’ which is a real tough and steep grind up. The reward for this is then a lovely fast descent to mile 5 and beyond that another tough but shorter shuffle up to about mile 6. I am able to maintain the effort today and still have a spring in my step down to the 8 mile mark where another long and tortuous ascent bring you back to the tarmacked path through the woods. No matter how many times I do this race I am always caught out by the half mile hill up towards the final descent towards Ripley Castle. I shouldn’t because we came down it less than an hour before but maybe that is an age thing. The last half mile is made to blast down with all your reserves to negotiate the final 100 yard slog up the cobbles and left turn into the courtyard and the finish.
The race was won by Jack Wood of Ilkley Harriers in 56.08. First lady in 53rd position Sarah Douglas of Sale Harriers in 1.07.42. Black and Whites out in force today with Tom Midgley in 24th in 1.03.52, Rogan Ashton 40th in 1.05.40. I was 125th in 1.13.13 (more than four minutes faster than last year!). Sara Elliott led the Otley AC ladies home in 1.22.57 (320th), with El Presidente Matt Podd in 1.25.02 (353rd). Andrew Rayner in 1.32.05 (504th), close grouping of the next three ladies Lisa Maughan 1.34.14 (544th), Laura Hind 1.34.21 (547th) Joanna Hobson 1.34.44 (553rd). Jane Butler 1.37.15 (602nd), Hannah Lupton 1.38.34 (621st) and Tom Hannah 1.38.47 (624th). 816 participants were sharing the pain and we got a great T shirt and enough chocolate bars to add four minutes onto next year’s time!


Saturday 5th November – Shepherds Skyline

Report from Tom Lynch:

A fairly large contingent from Otley travelled over to The Shepherds Rest Inn above Todmorden for the Shepherds Skyline fell race organised by Todmorden Harriers, with myself and Liam both taking a last minute opportunity to take a lift with Colin, and Steve and Andy over to the race, with Bob Baker and Don Buffham also on the start line. The race is 10km with 350m ascent, and follows a mostly out and back route via Langfield Common to the Stoop, with a loop around Stoodley Pike including a steep descent to London Road and a climb back up to Stoop. A fairly cold day, but perfect visibility, and despite the recent lack of rain, this being on the wetter side of the Pennines, conditions were still pretty squelchy underfoot. A very popular race for the size of the course, with 281 finishers, made for a fairly congested start which didn’t really thin out until halfway across the top due to the narrow paths. An enjoyable but challenging race by all accounts, with plenty of cuts and scraps on show (I think I ended up with someone else’s blood on my leg!). We ended up in the pub after and joined the mad scramble to order chips and pints. The results were published very quickly, and Liam worked out he was up for a prize, so we waited and watched the generous prize giving until Liam (after some careful deliberation over vintages and grape varieties) collected his bottle of wine for 3rd M40.

The race winner was Thomas Corrigan (Barlick) in 44.04, first woman Sarah Tipler (Barlick) (34th overall) 52.03. For Otley: Liam Dunne (16th) 49.17 and 3rd M40, Tom Lynch (35th) 52.15, Steve Robinson (101st) 60.23, Andy Sumner (180th) 69.31, Bob Baker (195th) 72.18, Colin Best (222nd) 76.18 and Donald Buffham (264th) 86.35.

Full results and photos and a nice cartoon sketch map here.


Saturday 5th November – Park Runs

Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Josh TIGHE Salford Harriers and AC 00:17:30
6 1 Rachel BOYD Unattached 00:19:25
9 8 Tom Paget Otley AC 00:20:12
72 65 John Davis Otley AC 00:24:38
89 82 Michael Jeffrey Otley AC 00:25:05
1 1 Huw LIPPIATT Unattached 00:18:48
17 1 Niamh JACKSON Kirkstall H 00:21:16
229 75 Sarah JONES Otley AC 00:36:30
1 1 Mark BRYANT Harrogate H 00:17:48
6 1 Charlotte VAN ZELST Harrogate H 00:19:48
148 108 Peter CROWDER Otley AC 00:26:55

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