Sunday 11th December: Roseberry Topping Marathon

Sunday 11th December: Roseberry Topping Marathon

Report from Laura Clark:

I ran the Hardmoors Roseberry Topping Marathon on Sunday, which was 28.5 miles long with a total ascent of 5000ft. I have never ran this far before and unfortunately made the common mistake of setting off too fast. After two ascents of Roseberry Topping and the climb out of Kildale I realised my error (around the 16 mile mark) and had to slow down. At the next check point I had a small cup of flat Coca Cola; a piece of flapjack, which was better than my homemade slightly burnt effort, and some marshmallows. After this welcomed fuel I managed to pick up the pace. I continued to top up my energy levels at all of the subsequent checkpoints, which worked a treat. I completed the run in 6 hours and 1 minute and came 53rd out of a total of 170 runners. The race was won by Ste Lord in 4:06 . I have definitely learnt a thing or two from this run which will stand me in good stead if I decide to do another one!

7 thoughts on “Sunday 11th December: Roseberry Topping Marathon

  1. Haha, Graham I was about to give the same stat, Laura your report is too modest! Great run…Three Peaks 2017??

  2. Well done Laura! Def a start of something new, glad you enjoyed it, not sure above burnt flapjack though…

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