Sunday 18th December – The Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

Sunday 18th December – The Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

A cool but pretty much perfect winter’s day for running saw Colin take the win in the 28th Ken Dixon Handicap  just ahead of 3 women, Kirsty, Jackie and Carol.  Graham recorded the fastest time of the day just making up the 30 seconds on Tom Lynch.

Despite struggling on the day Congratulation to David Cattanach who just hung on to take the Eric Smith Handicap title by 5 points ahead of Tom Lynch and 6 on Tom Pomfrett in 2nd and 3rd respectively.  A hard earned and deserved title after a 2nd place finish in 2006 and two fourth’s in 2004 and 2001.  See the final 2016 Handicap table here.

Why not give a few of them a go next year, your chance to win a race whatever your ability. Even if it’s just to have a bit of a  different training run, absolutely no pressure.  You never know, 9 or 10 training runs would give you a very good chance being near the top of next year’s handicap table.

Thanks to Jack, Kath and Dave Hainsworth for helping out at the finish & flagging the route.

The first race of the 2017 Eric Smith Trophy is the John Cowan Harewood Handicap at Harewood, 4 miles, Saturday 21st January.

Pos Time H’Cap Net Time Pts
1 Colin Best 54:41 11:00 43:41 15
2 Kirsty Pomfrett 54:56 11:00 43:56 14
3 Jackie Ackroyd 55:12 12:30 42:42 13
4 Carol Armitstead 55:21 11:00 44:21 12
5 John Armitstead 55:48 19:00 36:48 11
6 Nick Hodgkinson 56:13 07:30 48:43 10
7 Dominic Egan 56:51 14:00 42:51 9
8 Graham Lake 57:02 25:30 31:32 8
9 Tom Lynch 57:10 25:00 32:10 7
10 Antonio Cardinale 57:57 00:00 57:57 6
11 Eriks Zvaigzne 58:02 14:00 44:02 5
12 Andrew Robertshaw 58:50 25:30 33:20 4
13 Tom Pomfrett 58:59 24:00 34:59 3
14 David Cattanach 59:16 08:00 51:16 2

9 thoughts on “Sunday 18th December – The Ken Dixon Christmas Handicap

  1. Thanks for organising Andrew, have loved the handicap this year. Well done to David and Tom, well deserved!

  2. Trust the Handicapper! There was a little giggle from the Pomfrett/Lynch mob, and a small sigh from me as I saw Tom L had been given 30 seconds on me, but Mr R must have known something I didn’t! (well, he has run this for 28 years straight or something).

  3. The handicapper is always right 🙂 I was watching with interest from a distance, and Colin is also 23 in a row too..

  4. Well done David on beating the Tom Tom’s. I’m sure they were very disappointed and will be trying hard again next year.

  5. Haha, it was your look of determination Graham, the secret warm-up and the fact you were confident enough to bring out the whole family to watch, Andrew sees all these things 😉 . Didn’t realise I’m now lumped in a mob with the Pomfretts…….they are just my designated drivers! 🙄
    Well done on the win David, I will make sure the cup is nice, clean and shiny for the presentation evening, pretty sure you are required to have at least one drink from it on the night.

  6. Congratulations to David C. for winning the prestigious Eric S. Championship , it is a Trophy well deserved by David C. a senior member of the club and a veteran of the running circuit . Others Congratulations are to Colin B. senior member of the club as well for the brilliant victory at the Ken D. Christmas’s race , his 43.41 gave him a lovely win . Also Kirsty P. ran really well in 43.56 considering as well she has got an extra passenger now to carry as well . Graham lake ran strongly and fast in 31.32 and Andrew R. is slowly coming back in top shape with a super 33.20. Well done to everyone.

  7. Hi here’s my Xmas message – thanks to you all in joining in the competition – it is rewarding to occasionally be at the front of the race and never being quite sure if you can win through. We all suffer little setbacks I would encourage you all to have a go in this competition – it will add an edge to your running in other fields. My thanks to Andrew for the time-keeping and marking of courses. Hope to see you all in 2017 at these events. Thanks for the positive comments.

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