Auld Lang Syne 31/12/2016

Auld Lang Syne 31/12/2016

tom-pomfrettReport from Tom Pomfrett

As per usual it was a fancy dress extravaganza at the Auld Lang Syne fell race including Otley’s own Christine Brunold who’s outfit made it into the Sunday Times! It’s not often you get to run alongside several hairy men in dresses, Prince, a giant banana and half the characters from Alice in Wonderland but several people looked to be regretting their choice of skimpy race-wear as we headed out into the teeth of a bitter winter wind on the moor.


The race is a 10.8km out and back and sticks mainly to tracks rather than the horrible bogs normally associated with Woodentops races. There were 433 runners in total, we had five running from Otley. Results as follows:

1st – Chris Farrell, Horwich RMI, 41:37
26th – Katie Walshaw, Holmfirth, 48:12
60th – Tom Lynch, Otley, 52:20
126th – Tom Pomfrett, Otley, 57:33
198th – Christopher Stacey, Otley, 62:17
221st – Christian Hosker, Otley, 63:20
328th – Christine Brunold, Otley, 71:13

Full results here:

6 thoughts on “Auld Lang Syne 31/12/2016

  1. Both Graham!, I did a little better a couple of years later.. I checked out the 2002 Youtube clip t’other day, looks so dated already, and did note no fancy dress then 🙂 the old route was similar to the Stoop, except half way up it took a left along a water conduit, then looped back to the Stoop across a load of tussocks, then came straight back down through the mud, shorter probably a bit less than 6 miles.

  2. I agree with Andrew R. about there were no fancy dress then , because as well was one of my first races I did ,31 2000 , when I arrived from Milan few weeks before , I went with Andrew S. car , I am in the result , as usual almost at the last place and I do not remember to spot any fancy dress at all , I do remember that day because the moors were a sea of snow , it was hard to stand up and run with my road shoes , it was like a skating ring. I did enjoy that day . Well done everyone .

  3. The video from 2000 is so pixelated you can’t make out a thing!
    Ah, yes you did well in 2002 Andrew, some good scalps there.

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