Sunday 15th January – Brass Monkey Half

Sunday 15th January – Brass Monkey Half

Report from Sara Elliott:

As the four of us (Billy, Andy, Nicky and I) headed off to York this morning, with Andy kindly providing taxi service, we were all saying how little training we’d done. A mixture of Achilles problems, shin splints, chest infections and colds had meant we were ‘just going to get to the end’.

As we arrived it was wet, foggy and miserable. Our ray of sunshine arrived in the form ofSaraElliott2017BrassMonkey our very own Howard J, in disguise as he didn’t have a number. He’d promised to pace me to sub-40 when we’d last met at the Leeds Christmas 10k, but this was pre chest infection and I’d only done one long run since last May!! Oops!!

We lined up in the rain and Nicky and I trotted alongside Howard. Anyway, it stopped raining, conditions now perfect and I felt comfortable at the pace Howard set…until mile 10!!! I died a little, tested Howard’s patience lots (“you haven’t worked so bloody hard to let it go now”) and got through it. A Harrogate lady thanked him for pacing her too as he quietly slipped away just before the finish line…

I did it 1:38:21!! A whole 1:15 off last year’s PB.

Thankyou Howard, you’re an absolute star, and can you make yourself available for every race please? 😉 and saw Nicky come in not long after but missed Andy and Billy-who both had much better runs than they’d expected.

From Howard:  Thought it a fair division of labour for Sara to do the report. Really pleased she got the PB because from 10 it was getting tough but she dug deep and maintained the 7.30 pace right to the finish and this is what it looked like (photo attached). I had faded away and dropped out by then.

Full Results: 1st Steven Hebblethwaite, Keswick 1:09:17, 487th sara Elliott 1:38:21, 657th Nicola Lee 1:44:23, 729th Andy Webster 1:46:25, 985th Billy Rayner 1:55:09, (All Chip times).

6 thoughts on “Sunday 15th January – Brass Monkey Half

  1. Up the black and whites! Fantastic PB Sara and good runs from everyone! Like to have seen Howard’s incognito outfit….

  2. Well done Sara, impressive as I know you’ve not done the training you’d hoped for. We could all do with Howard at every race, can he duplicate himself?

  3. It can make the difference to have a powerful pacer like Howard J. especially in a flat course like York Half , where I did my PB. in 1.44 several years ago . Compliments to Sara E. for her awesome PB. in 1.38 it is a fast one. Well done to everybody.

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