Saturday 28 January 2017 – Hoofstones Fell Race

Saturday 28 January 2017 – Hoofstones Fell Race

Report from Matt P

This BM 8 mile and 1400ft of ascent is in the words of a past leader of the FRA “a reminder why people go fell running in the first place” and then it started snowing. I got a lift over with Dave Tate and Jean from Wharfedale Starting from a warm and friendly pub in Todmorden, this race climbs out of the valley to run round the moors north of Tod and then back down the same route – a lollipop course. The first climb was runnable and then onto the moor, initially on good tracks, but then it got nasty with a long very rough and boggy trod to the high point of the course. I only went in waist deep twice so was lucky! It was cold and windy up on the moor which was partially frozen making the going even tougher. From the top at Hoofstones the way led across a trackless moor with award winning tussocks and more bog. Runners spread out all over trying to find a runnable route or trying to stick to a bearing – but all to no avail. Aim for Studeley Pike on the other side of the valley and all was well back to rejoin the route out and a fast, fun descent to the finish. About 50 people survived this character building experience, with about 40 finishing in front of me quicker than the 1hr 36ish minutes I was in a state of bliss for.

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6 thoughts on “Saturday 28 January 2017 – Hoofstones Fell Race

  1. Oh my word…
    This is why I don’t do fells!! Well done Matt, it sounds truly awful (the waist deep bit particularly grim!!) Glad we did Parkrun instead 😉

  2. How odd Sara, I read it and thought “that sounds truly awesome (the waist deep bit particularly great)”

    Well done Matt!

  3. Well done Matt! Not my idea of fun, but I guess I shouldn’t knock it till I try it (…I’m not going to try it).

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