Sunday 29 January 2017 – Meltham 10k

Sunday 29 January 2017 – Meltham 10k

Report from Howard

Despite many years of racing, including this one a few times, it never occurred to me that during January in the Pennines there might be some ice under foot (Doh!) so had my slick road shoes on. Thankfully the black ice on the road was only for the first three hundred metres or so and then apart from a few isolated patches in the sheltered dips the going was good. No wind, clear sky and sunshine up on the tops made a good day for a race. The first targeted club race of the year saw myself and Mark Hall in club colours and he represented us well to come in 8th place overall in 37.24 and first v55. The race was won by Thomas Kay in 34.56 and first lady was Samantha Shaw of Penistone in 41.07 in 25th place 346 finished. My race was a mixed bag as I did not warm up at all and pussy footed the start to avoid a spill on the ice. My person to beat today was David Wormersley who had won the age group last year. He was about 100 metres ahead at 1K and I was feeling a hard week of training (I upped the swim, bike and run for the triathlon season last week) I got to within 6 seconds at the finish (46.54 in 108th place). Couldn’t even make up ground on the long descents today so despite him fading slightly towards the end I ran out of track to pass him. Two other age category runners had passed us about half way as well and we were all within a minute at the finish so a pretty good competitive race for us. There were also two guys in the age group above in front of all of us which is encouraging.


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  1. Meltham 10k is indeed a challenging course and the icy conditions underfoot are not ideal for pushing , considering that it is not a easy route for PB. your 46.54 is a good result Howard and hopefully there will be a next time that you will pass the fast David W. maybe on a flat course . The 37.24 of Mark H. on that kind of hard course is just amazing .

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