Saturday 4th February – Rombalds Stride

Saturday 4th February – Rombalds Stride

Report from Stephen Boddy:

I felt a lot of pressure going into this event as the reigning Champion.* It weighed down heavily on me, I didn’t want to let the club down and I knew people would be watching closely for any mistakes. Would I mix my metaphors? Would I split an infinitive? The writer of the year award was a weight on my shoulders (well my midriff actually, I ate the whole toblerone on the way home from the presentation evening).

Anyway, here are a few thoughts on the stunning, beautiful and utterly interminable Rombalds Stride.

I have had a tempestuous relationship with The Chevin that has been enduring for well over twenty years now. It was love at first sight and we have shared many great moments together. Sure, we’ve had our problems and she’s kicked my arse on more than a few occasions but we’ve always been quick to make up. Unfortunatley things really came to a head today. Perhaps it has been my year long flirtation with Baildon Moor that finally provoked her but it will take me a long time to forget what The Chevin did to me today. I’m certainly not blameless, I said some things I’m not proud of and I even lashed out at one point but it will definitely be a while before I forgive the old girl for this one.

The rest of the run was very pleasant, it was nice to run with several other Otley vests and it engendered a nice team spirit and kept morale high toing and froing with teammates.

It’s a very tough course and it really tests you physically and mentally so anyone who finishes it deserves kudos. I’ll wait for the results to mention all the others as I don’t want to miss anyone but I do know Tom Lynch had a great run and smashed his target time.

*I’m fully aware that, in keeping with the current trend in elections etc, I won the award despite getting fewer nominations than Howard. (My ego is fully in check I promise.)

A few photos from Jack Robertshaw, results:

1 Graham Pearce 02:43:42 Joint first male
1 Jack Wood 02:43:42
8 Edward Davies 03:01:18
13 Tom Lynch 03:06:18
17 Jane McCarthy 03:12:52 First female
67 Rogan Ashton 03:49:21
91 Graham Lake 03:57:00
98 Laura McCabe 03:59:03
99 Tom Pomfrett 03:59:21
104 Stephen Boddy 04:01:57
107 Steven Robinson 04:03:33
108 Jim Sneath 04:04:05
152 Serena Blackburn 04:32:55
211 Sara Richard 05:19:37
212 Liz Fawcett 05:19:37
264 John Davis 05:53:21
265 Ryk Downes 05:53:42
287 Hannah Lupton 06:05:19
288 Nicky Gifford 06:05:19


3 thoughts on “Saturday 4th February – Rombalds Stride

  1. Stephen, you can burn the midnight candle at both ends, to entertainingly write reports but I’ll be back!
    Looks a good day for a tough run by the way well done to all

  2. Well done to all who ran this – espescially any first timers. Bit sloppy underfoot I’d say, but otherwise a fair day. I didn’t get a place so in contrast did a park run.

  3. The first time I did this beautiful 23 miler was in 2001 and I entered on the day , I did this trail run for several years , but nowadays I do not have the confidence to run such long distance. Laura M. ran a strong race in 3. hours 59 minutes a good result indeed , also Hannah L. and Nicky G. enjoyed this Rombalds Stride in a good 6 hours .05 minutes , considering as well that it was very muddy , it is a good time after all . Well done everyone .

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