Wednesday 8th February – Barnsley Winter Track Series 10k

Wednesday 8th February – Barnsley Winter Track Series 10k

Report from Mark Hall:

I braved the rush hour traffic and eventually arrived at the Barnsley Dorothy Hyman track. Having never raced a track 10k before I ran most of the race in a small group at a comfortable pace. I was disappointed not to go sub 35 mins as I finished with ‘gas in the tank’ The race was enjoyable and surprisingly passed quickly. The conditions were excellent. I finished 3rd in 35.16. winner was Dan Kestrel, Barnsley ac 32.47. Entry cost £3.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday 8th February – Barnsley Winter Track Series 10k

  1. Well done Mark, very swift!
    I can’t be the only one to find pleasure in a Barnsley AC runner being called Kestrel (surely Kes for short)?

  2. Well Graham he does fly in races. Kes, you are going back a bit! He used to be called Dan Chan but changed to Kestrel.

  3. Maybe it could work for me as well to change my name to Kestrel , I really need to fly in races too . Congratulations to Mark H. for going on the podium with a fantastic 35.16 , no need to change name for him , Mark is already flying.

  4. I am only being fair Mark , your 35.16 at 57 , is worth around 2 minutes less of the 32.47 of Daniel Kestrel if you were the same age of Daniel , it is you the real Kestrel after all ..

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