Saturday 11th February – Carnethy 5 Hill Race

Saturday 11th February – Carnethy 5 Hill Race

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

Carnethy is the 2nd highest of the Pentland Hills that stretch south from Edinburgh.  At just 1880ft it is less than half the height of Ben Nevis.  But don’t let this fact fool you into thinking this is an easy race!  The ‘5’ in the race title refers to the number of hill summits and not the distance, (approx. 6 miles). So after passing the summits of Scald Law, South Black Hill, East and West Kip your legs are feeling it a bit and then you’ve got the long steep climb to Carnethy.  Once you’ve done the last climb of the day it’s a leg sapping, never ending descent through knee deep heather, before the final ‘sprint‘ to the finish line.  Throw in the fact that it is February in Scotland and the weather comes into play just a little bit…

Last year was Caron’s first attempt and we were greeted with really tricky conditions, lots of snow and a bit of wind, so my thoughts during the week were, ‘well it can’t be worse than last year‘…  How wrong can you be… Admittedly there wasn’t as much snow on the lower slopes as last year but the gale force wind on the summits, particularly on South Black Hill and Carnethy more than made up for that, it was difficult to stay upright, never mind run!  Here’s a good clip of the breeze on Carnethy enjoy…

Anyway we both survived and enjoyed it!  Caron even ran approx. 5 minutes quicker than last year, I was well short of my aim but given the conditions that was never on, but was still reasonably pleased with my run.

Results: 76th Andrew Robertshaw, 1:06:24, 374th, (62nd Woman), Caron Ralph 1:31:56

1st Finlay Wild 52:50, (Ben Nevis winner for the last 7 years), 2nd Tom Addison 53:37, 3rd Andrew Douglas 54:28, (4th 2016 European Mountain Running Champs, 11th 2016 World MRC),  1st Woman Hannah Russell, 1:01:30 (Junior), 2nd Charlotte Morgan 1:02:54, 3rd Georgia Tindley, 1:03:47.  Full results, plus a few photos and links to videos here,  more photos here.

PS. If anyone fancies this next year we plan to give it another go, thoroughly recommended…

3 thoughts on “Saturday 11th February – Carnethy 5 Hill Race

  1. You didn’t have to travel to Scotland to get foul weather last week end. Well done for mixing it with the cream of Scottishe Fell running.

  2. What a fantastic report by the Hon. Handicapper from the terrible weather condition of Carnethy 5 Hill race . I have just seen the video and I just do not know how you and Caron had manage to go till the finish line , with such gale force wind makes the 1.06 of Andrew R. superb , and Compliments to Caron R. for her super 1.31 , 5 minutes better then last year , that is powerful running against such a bad weather .

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