Sunday 19th Feb – Peco Cross country race 4 Barnbow

Sunday 19th Feb – Peco Cross country race 4 Barnbow

Having dipped out of a couple of recent races because of a slightly injured calf I wanted to test the recovery over the weekend. No problem round the Fountains parkrun on Saturday at a steady 25m trot so I decided to do the cross country on the Sunday. This was because it was local and I could cycle up with Jacque in support and a wet, muddy grass and trail in February would be a serious test of the legs. Nice to chat to Antonio prior to the race who I believe was the only B&W. Spotted Sean warming up but he with Kirkstall Harriers and I in 2nd claim colours of Valley striders. I had ridden up the day before to look at the conditions and thought spikes were required. Read the spiel and it said don’t wear them due to a couple of stretches of tarmac and concrete bridges to cross. Trail shoes it was and with a surprisingly large field of men (394) I lined up towards the back of the field to have a steady away day. The ladies (285) set off ten minutes after us and I pity them because the route would have been well churned up by then. The day was mild dry and windless so pleasant enough. Cross country is not my favourite pass-time although I can see the appeal in sliding and squelching through primordial slime, of which there was plenty. You could almost sense the development of new life forms in the unctuous black ooze that sucked off a few shoes. The slippery brown field earth to negotiate up and down and round. No my fear of these races is the leg sliding out and pulling something badly. Something you don’t get very often on the roads. I made it through and picked off a good number of people along the way and felt pretty comfortable considering a nearly 3 week layoff. Times and positions of no real interest today as I was a guest and it did not count. I will do another as I have invested in some Inv-8 Mudclaw shoes but not Peco 5 at Roundhay park as am scheduled to do the Norton 9 on the same day



3 thoughts on “Sunday 19th Feb – Peco Cross country race 4 Barnbow

  1. It is a splendid report from Barnbow Howard and your performance is just extraordinary considering that you come from few weeks of rest and you are a road runner after all , this cross country that was a mudfest.. it was really bad , I just do not know how you manage to ran in 41.51 in that quagmire , maybe is fell running for Howard next !!

  2. Nice one Howard! Sorry i missed you but what an enjoyable mud fest it was. Lovely undulating route (with one noticeable long climb early on) which made for hard honest racing and a true test of leg strength and stamina for about 5 miles. Antonio you looked to have enjoyed yourself and looked strong on the final run in to the finish.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Sean and your race was an impressive one as well , you left behind 53 runners not bad at all , with a superb 50.22 this means that you were confident on digging yourself out from what looked like a river of thick mud . That brown field down hill reminded me of Kippax 2004 there was as well that brown hard mud that stick to your shoes and adds 5 kilos for each shoe and it seemed like running in a medieval armour.

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