Saturday 25th February – Beginners Park Run Lister Park

Saturday 25th February – Beginners Park Run Lister Park

Report from Billy

Following the success of the Couch to 5k plan started in January, a number of the beginners travelled to Lister Park to take part in the Park Run. Despite a bad forecast conditions were perfect at the start. A number of main members turned out and thanks to Matt Podd, Sara Elliott and Ann Yeadon for running with the beginners. Results for main members who recorded times will appear later in the usual Park Run consolidated report.

First to finish was Ryan Breeze in a very impressive 25:27 followed by Maggie Oates (28:53), Hannah Louise Birch (30:12), Yasmin Timmins (30:31), Rebecca Keinhorst (31:05 PB), Julie Oates (32:12), Lynne Lister (32:38 PB), Helen Dixon (32:40), Paul Dodsworth (37:23) and Nicola Doherty (39:05 PB).

A fantastic effort from everyone.

One thought on “Saturday 25th February – Beginners Park Run Lister Park

  1. I agree with President Billy R. about the good performances of the beginners at Lister Park although the bad forecast , especially Ryan B. he did a solid 5k in 25.27 and as well Maggie O. she ran a super race in 28.53 . Well done all.

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