Sunday 26th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Sunday 26th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

Report from Matt Podd:

Off we went on Sunday morning to Ilkley; myself kindly chauffeured by Caron with Andrew as well, to laugh at us and have a gossip. Benign conditions for this race made a pleasant change. There is a big set of Junior races first and our youth was represented and did well. After the normal pre-race chat, spy of the opposition and warm up we lined up and were off. The first half mile is very congested and frustrating (well not for Tom Adams) as you climb up to the Cow and Calf, but it opens up from there and racing can commence. The moor did not disappoint and was a fetid morass, well churned up by those in front – I’m glad I had some new shoes with massive studs. Down the dangerous descent and haul up the other side  to head over to the Badger Stone and on to the start of the descent. A bit of a Cresta run well lubricated with plenty of mud. Just before the final plunge a malicious rock secreted in a deep lagoon of cold cocoa tripped me up and I finished covered in mud and blood. Approximate finishing order, after Tom Adams and Helen Glover. Tom L, Speedy Gary J, Graham L, James R, Matt P (following in the V70 winner storming Norman), Caron R (who beat old friend Martin Smillie), Serena B, Sara R, and Antonio. A great race and we all got well filthy, thanks to the Robertshaws and Sean supporting us on the course. I had to go and beg giant wound dressings off the neighbour when I got home.

Woodentops photos 1,2 and 3 and some more Woodentops photo’s Tom & Gary, Graham, James and another of Gary, Full results here:

1 Tom Adams Ilkley H. 37.16
19 Helen Glover F Ribble Valley H. 46.33
23 Tom Lynch Otley AC 47.06
34 Gary Johnson Otley AC 48.56
53 Graham Lake M40 Otley AC 50.59
168 James Rawstron M40 Otley AC 61.33
184 Matt Podd M50 Otley AC 62.37
226 Caron Ralph F40 Otley AC 67.09
292 Sara  Richard F40 Otley AC 78.46
321 Antonio Cardinale M60 Otley AC 110.50

2 thoughts on “Sunday 26th February – Ilkley Moor Fell Race

  1. Great report, Matt!! You didn’t sell it to me though!!
    Well done y’all…some stellar performances out there (and fantastic war wounds too!!)

  2. I agree with Sara E. about your good report Matt and also was nice to have encouragement from Jack and Kath R. from the other side of the beck and from Sean and his family as well , I did not enjoy it all this year , it was a quagmire, most of the route you could not walk never mind run , I fell 3 times badly although I landed over thick mud , the worst bits were the narrows footpaths on the steep hills ruined by the 400 runners in front of me . Impressive ran by Caron R. in 67.09 a solid result , she is in great form , also Sara R. did really well with a super 78.46 , and Gary J. had a splendid fell race in 48.56. Well done all .

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