Sunday 5th March – Vodafone Malta Half Marathon

Sunday 5th March – Vodafone Malta Half Marathon

Report from Julian Mawson:

Belated race report following my return from Malta and having competed in this race two years ago I took the opportunity to give it a go again this time.

It was held a couple of weeks later and it was certainly considerably warmer.

The race was won by Poland’s Miereczko Maclek in 69.28 and the first lady was Malta’s Lisa Bezzina 44th overall in 82.07.

I was pleased to finish 41st and fourth MV45 in 81.58 – I slowed up significantly after ten miles since I don’t often get that far in training nowadays.

Newspaper report

Historic results for the full and half marathons

Like 2015 I chanced again on meeting Liam Dunn’s friend from Ireland Cyril Cuddy (75.47) at the start and also his friend James Hamm (75.02) both representing Nuparc A.C. and we all agreed Liam was a grand lad.

I was passed at 5km by the excellent athlete Gary Pennington from Preston Harriers who (presumably recognising my Otley A.C. vest) asked if I knew the split but I’d forgotten to start my stopwatch (lack of recent race practice). Gary quickly explained he’d missed the start as the race set off five minutes earlier than advertised. I feel he did remarkably well then to go on and finish tenth in 73.58 chip time.

I haven’t any race photos from this time because I don’t do the Book of Faces but I attach one from 2015. Basically this time round imagine the same but with sunshine and I was wearing a cap.


6 thoughts on “Sunday 5th March – Vodafone Malta Half Marathon

  1. Lovely to hear you’ve been out racing again. Get down to club once in a while, we miss you.

  2. I agree with the good comments of Hannah L. Andrew and Graham L. it is good to see you back racing Julian and I agree with you as well that Liam D. is a grand lad . Your 81.58 is a super result considering as well that you have not done too many races recently . Well done to Julian M.

  3. Hi, thanks for the kind words. I’ll be down one evening soon for a HDSRL number at the very least. Best regards.

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