Sunday 12th March – Spen 20

Sunday 12th March – Spen 20

Report from Robin Outtersides

Rogan and I ventured into the beyond in our misguided search of PB’s and glory. The destination was Spenborough was to compete in the annual 20 mile epic, undulator across road….and more road.
We arrived in good time and I proceeded to do some moody laps of the track in search of that winning formula. The race started, as usual on the track and involved a lap of said track before moving onto the road section which winds its way through some rather beautiful countryside close to Robertstown and the surrounding environs.
I felt ace at first and started to make my way with a sub 6 first mile. Having done the race previously and blown up ( and walked ) at 10 miles I knew the pitfalls but enjoyed the opening bit, having done some trampoline training in the previous weeks(!).
The course moves onto a precarious but fun downward motorway section where I established rhythm and tried to move through the field.
On I went until hitting the loop which forms the middle of this run. You seem to reverse what you have done previously and go back the way you came, and I ended up in a sort of swirly dream-like state which wasn’t half bad.
The scenery is lush and there is fantastic encouragement along the way. I hit 10 miles in 1:02 and decided to tick off the rest in sizable chunks ( 13, 15 and then 20 ). Approaching the finish I could see a PB and after passing a guy who had cramp I enjoyed the final straight road section and returned round the track to finish on 5:07 pace. Rogan had dipped out at 12 miles and was sitting there waiting.
This run is good for marathon runners who want to build to that goal. It is well marshalled and altogether a welcome addition to the running calendar. I shall run it again. I came in 6th in 2:07. The winner was John Hobbs for the third year in a row.

4 thoughts on “Sunday 12th March – Spen 20

  1. In the past Ian Fisher won the Spen 20 several times and as well it was a favourite of Julian M. who performed for several years at the highest level, also Mark H. had top results on this two laps race , and myself too in 2004 at the very back as usual . I agree with Matt P. about the good report and the
    splendid result , the 6th place in 2.07 is super running . Well done Robin .

  2. Thanks for your kind comment Antonio. Mention should also be made to Scott’s excellent course record of 1:52:02.

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