Sunday 19th March – Thrunton Thriller – 10k & Half – Approx.

Sunday 19th March – Thrunton Thriller – 10k & Half – Approx.

Report from the Hon. Handicapper:

Thanks again to the hospitality of Colin I traveled up to the Northumberland, this time for a trail race in Thrunton Woods which is a few miles west of Alnwick.  The Thrunton Thriller advertises 2 races a 10k ish and a Halfish Marathon, the emphasis being on the ‘ish’.  The races are a mixture of pretty much every type of off road running you could think of, rough woodland, fallen trees to leap/duck under, wide forest tracks, steep rocky climbs and descents, heathery/muddy/swampy moorland.

Blue 10kish, Red arrow Halfish

The 10k is basically a big clockwise route with a bit of an out and back at the start and finish, the Half a couple of extra loops one at start another near the end of the 10k.  Oh and just as you think you’re coming to the finish the organisers added a short quarter of a mile or so scramble up the steep bank near the start/finish area, just for a bit of fun?

It was the Half for me, 10k for Colin,  after a very lethargic start on the first loop I started to feel a bit better as I started to catch the tail end of the 10k race enjoying the twisting route through heart of the woods. A long climb the, “Hill of Doom” brought us out to the windy open moorland, where I caught up to Colin with his dog Monty. A long boggy drag through the heather took us to the next race split, a mile or so to go for the 10k, 5 ish for me with a 4 ish mile loop.

Not having a watch and running round in circles in foreign woods, I had no idea at any point where I was or how far I had left, the aim was just to follow the well marked route until I got back to the finish!  Back on the combined route and back to passing the 10k runners I thought it must be all down hill back to the finish, well it should have been!  However along with lots of other folk I ended up reversing the initial extra loop, adding the best part of two miles doh… which I didn’t realise till after, so I ended up doing over 15 miles, not the 13.5, but I wasn’t too bothered.  Colin managed to take the correct route back gaining lots of places, finishing 19th, Monty taking the honours as 1st dog..

Results: 10k (more like 8.5 miles), 1st Scott Watson 1:22:21, 19th, 1st V60, Colin Best 1:51:35, Half, (~13.5 miles) 1st John Butters 1:51:54 possibly or (unnamed runner 1:51:46)? I was (approx. maybe) 22nd, 2:24:45.  As somebody accidentally or otherwise nabbed my number I was given replacement & appear as an unnamed runner 498… Full results of sorts here, some photos here.

5 thoughts on “Sunday 19th March – Thrunton Thriller – 10k & Half – Approx.

  1. Brilliant report Andrew, sounds like the organisers left it up to you all to interpret the race and the results as you wanted. A sort of impressionistic race ;o)
    I did wonder why you weren’t at your local fell race, but this sounds more fun.

  2. Well done Andrew and Colin. Looking at the course map for some reason I am thinking, “Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler, if you think we’re on the run? We are the boys…”

  3. Ta, I only realised it was the same day as Rivock after I’d entered, good to have a long run somewhere different, although I was very tempted to miss out the 2nd extra loop & follow the 10k runners back to the finish 🙂
    I cobbled the map from someone’s strava, it took us quite a while afterward to work out where we’d actually run!

  4. Julian takes the title of comment of the year lol. Well done to Monty for his great effort and I suppose a well done to Colin and Andrew too 😉

  5. I agree with the positive comments made by Graham L. and Hannah L. and Julian M. about the beautiful Thrunton Woods and the strong running of Andrew R. 2.24 not bad in that mudfest and Colin B. 1.51 a solid run in that quagmire , I have seen the pics of Colin with the dog and other runners with big dogs very usuful to have in that sliding underfoot , and maybe I could do with one on my next fell race instead of using a stick to climb muddy steep hills. Well done you two.

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