Sunday 2nd April – Baildon Boundary Way

Sunday 2nd April – Baildon Boundary Way

Report from Mr Boddy

The Baildon Boundary Way has been on my to-do list for some years now but the stars have never previously aligned (I’ve never got my entry in on time) as it involves trails I know well. With London just three short weeks away (gulp) I decided to ‘do a Robin’ and run there from Otley as it doesn’t seem enough to just run a race these days. I misjudged the distance from Hollins Hill to the Rugby Club which resulted in an undignified sprint up to the changing rooms and an embarrassing public struggle putting on my Otley vest. I also forget to change my road shoes for my trail shoes. ‘More haste less speed’ has never been more apt.

The start of the race was a gentle downhill through Esholt to the canal which was punctuated by an unexpected and unwanted wooded hill climb. We passed Jonny Brownlee twice on the canal and on the second occasion the lad in front of me shouted “Pride of Yorkshire” at him. I don’t think he intended to shock Jonny so much that he veered into the canal but he very nearly did. The canal miles were relatively quick and straightforward but I knew it would be when we started to head up to circumnavigate Baildon Moor that my legs would start to relent. Relent they did and I was finding it really tough going until it flattened out near the 11 mile marker(which was nearer  10 than 11!) and then dropped nicely off the moor towards the rugby club with just one nasty little incline to conquer and then a short run for home.

I thought it was a well organised race with loads of helpful marshals although I heard mutterings at the end about the leaders going the wrong way and I also thought it was a really nice route, plenty of challenging and undulating terrain but lots of flat fast stuff too.  I saw Rogan, Eriks and Billy at the end, all with a tale to tell and a smile on their face.


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  1. Thank you to the former member Will T. that gave to me his registration number because he was injured . Fantastic day to be out in such a beautiful place , Rogan A. had a good day racing in 1.33 , our President Billy R. ran a solid Boundary Way in 2.11 , Ericks Z. had indeed a good performance in 2.05 , also Stephen B. ran well in 1.51, and me last as usual in 3.13 .

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