Sunday 2nd April: Kong Mountain Marathon

Sunday 2nd April: Kong Mountain Marathon

Report from Sarah F:

Had I realised quite how trashed I would still be at this stage post-Spine then I probably wouldn’t have entered this but there you go will I ever learn?! However, I’m so glad I did because it was the most stunning day in the lakes to be out on the fells and not having really run for 2 months I was desperate to get back out there. Expectations were realistic (i.e. low!) for performance in this one given there’s only so much navigational ability can make up for shocking hill fitness! The event was a 4 hour score which started in Coniston and the event area was spread over the Coniston fells as far as the Duddon valley in the West and Wrynose pass in the North. I headed off up the Walner scar road (the dreaded first leg of the Lakeland 100!) and with a few diversions to checkpoints eventually made the climb onto the old man ridge via goat tarn. Once up high my legs had a total refusal to do the drop down to Duddon and when I asked them if they fancied a lap of grey friar instead they totally threw their toys out of the pram. So we compromised with a very pleasant jog along the tops from the old man, brim fell, a couple of out and backs to controls not too far off the ridge and an exciting traverse over swirl how and Wetherlam, before a wandering super swampy decent to pick up a few controls on the way back to the village. I had a last minute word with my legs to put a spurt on to collect an extra 30 pointer but had to turn back before I reached the checkpoint as I was going to be late and lose points (not that I had that many to start with but I sure didn’t want to give them away!). It was definitely a day for the fast runners (of which there were loads incl Jasmine Paris), the navigational challenges were (disappointingly!) few given the lack of clag and the fact that there was a lot of fast ground and controls on pretty obvious features and near tracks. I was just pleased to enjoy a day out and was pretty pleased with my route given the terms and conditions my legs put on the choices available, I ran (slowly!) a lot more of it that I thought I would be able to as well and despite losing 1 lousy point because I took too long to make the decision to turn back (and yes probably too long chatting to folk and taking photos as well!) I was happy (ish!) with my score!

216 started. I was 125th and 10th FV40 with 249 points. results here:


One thought on “Sunday 2nd April: Kong Mountain Marathon

  1. It is a good report from the Coniston fells Sarah , and it’s lovely to enjoy the day than hard running , although it would be nice to see you also in local trails like the Baildon Boundary Way . To finish 125th out of of 216 runners it is a great result and it means that you are in good shape after all . Well done to Sarah F.

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