Tuesday 4th April – Bunny Run #1 Haworth

Tuesday 4th April – Bunny Run #1 Haworth

Report from Caron Ralph

April brings the annual pilgrimage to Dimples Lane quarry for the Bunny Runs.  I normally try to do at least 2 each year as they’re a great (or not so) reminder of how furiously fast some of the junior runners are!  This year definitely didn’t disappoint as the course was drier than usual so there was some fast running.  Also travelling with us were Holly Davey from our juniors and mum Becky- Holly trying her first Bunny Run,  having an idea of what it would be like after doing a few other junior Woodentops races.  She ran a good tactical race finishing in a good time of 22.37, me following a bit later in 24.06, also running her first Bunny Run was Mary Hampshire, 26:48 and her son Ben, 19.43  We decided to go to the pub after as Holly was eager to see the chocolate throw-out… again that didn’t disappoint with both of us winning an Easter Egg and acquiring a few more Creme Eggs, Haribo’s and packets of crisps along the way.  I’m not sure how many bruises Holly or Becky ended up with from flying Creme Eggs etc but we all enjoyed the evening and it was a good start to the Bunny season…again next week?

Joe Baxter, P&B won in 15:44, 1st woman was Sarah Hodgson, Leeds Uni. 18:27. Results & Photos on Woodentops

2 thoughts on “Tuesday 4th April – Bunny Run #1 Haworth

  1. It was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday evening. Ben also enjoyed his first Bunny Run! We look forward to making the third one, and hopefully catching a flying chocolate bar in the pub afterwards.

  2. Flying chocolate bars in the pub !! It is worth a trip to Haworth to see the mayhem of the runners to try to catch one , especially the slow one . Holly D . had a super ran in her first Bunny run , her 22.37 is a great result . Caron R. had a solid race in 24.06 not bad at all and I liked her short report as well. Mary H. ran well too in 26.48 and her son Ben was fast in 19.43.

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